The Most Awful Beginning…

On January 10th of 2005, I spent most of the day on the phone with my father. Daddy was concerned about my mother. He wanted my mother to agree to go to the doctor.

Mommy had been acting odd for some time. Several years earlier, while they were visiting, my dad asked me to keep an eye on her. Daddy said she was having a very  difficult time making simple decisions.

I took her to our favorite mexican restaurant. We had been going to Tacos Jalisco for years. We  had the menu memorized and it is a long one.

I watched as my mother scanned the menu, a blank look on her face. She became confused and agitated. Mommy was not a talker. She would not ask for help.

When the waiter appeared, I watched my mother struggle with ordering. Her anxiety was  painful to watch. I ordered for her.

Mommy struggled throughout the entire meal in silence.

My mother was an elegant woman. She was proud and dignified.

That night at Tacos Jalisco, I saw the beginning of the end for my mother. Her anxiety was painful to watch. Her elegance and poise were deteriorating.

On January 10th of 2005, years after that night at Tacos Jalisco,  I spent most of the day on the phone with Daddy. We made an appointment for my mother to meet with a doctor the next day.

That night, around 9:00 PM, Daddy and I decided to take Mommy to Mexico in March. He was  feeling a need to give her something to look forward to.

At 10:00 PM on January 10th of 2005,  I received a phone call.

It was my mother.

“ I have the most awful news; the most awful. Dad is dead.”

I took the call. That was the most awful beginning of this most awful story.

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