How to Hire a Crime Scene Clean Up Company

I am going off Chronology Grid Here.

Some things are on my mind and I am gonna free them.

Like Cat Shit.

Cat Shit is on my mind today.

I hate it when that happens.

We moved all five cats from Iowa to my mothers new home three blocks from my house. My mother very quickly learned that though there are very few possums in the city,  there are feral cats.

My mother began to feed them.

She fed them by leaving open cat food cans all along the sidewalk behind her condo.

The stench of rotten cat food on a Summer day was nauseating.

It did not compare to the stench coming from the crawl space beneath her unit

Her neighbors had complained.

I found letters from her neighbors folded neatly and placed in the desk.

I also found a warrant for her arrest, but that is another story.

The letters from her neighbors detailed that steps they would take if she did not stop

letting the feral cats into the crawl space. The letters had been arriving for some time.

My mother never mentioned them.

The latest letter was sent certified mail.

Fantastic. Cat Shit.

I noticed from time to time that the crawl space door was open

but did not think much of it,

until I put my head in to take a peek.

My mother was confabulating all over the place reasons why the cats were there.

Cats can open crawl space doors.

Yes. They. Can.

The cats were in charge here. It was all their doing and my mother was not at all complicit.

They were not her cats.

They were free agents.

The crawl space was filled with cat shit. I don’t know how to illustrate this accurately.

I can’t, and really, you don’t want me to.

Trust me on this one.

I can tell you this:

I spent a couple of weeks calling cleaning crews trying to get bids on a clean up.

I spent weeks watching cleaning crews walk away in disgust.

My mother was on the verge of getting thrown out of her condo.

She would need to live with us if that happened.

I stepped up my efforts to get that crawl space cleaned up.


The last industrial cleaning crew that showed up suggested I call a special Crime Scene clean up crew.

They were in the yellow pages.

There were two of them.

I hired a Crime Scene clean up crew to get the cat shit and a couple of dead cats out from under my mothers condo.

They took about a week and then had to clean the dirt.

They had to clean the dirt to remove the stench.

It cost well over $1000.

Cat Shit is on my mind and there it is.

Alcoholics Dementia or just a really fucked up woman?

That is the question I ask myself.

Did I grow up with an alcoholic


Did I grow up with a seriously mentally ill woman?

What do you think?

~ by Step On a Crack on November 10, 2011.

11 Responses to “How to Hire a Crime Scene Clean Up Company”

  1. Like most things in life, i think it’s a mix of both. In this case, the mental illness and disease of alcoholism probably fed off each other exponentially, like a fire that gives off gasoline rather than heat.

    i also think you are one hell of a woman for turning out as great as you did. i think you should take a moment out of your day today to appreciate how well you’ve done for yourself under circumstances that would have buried most people.


    • Dear Al.

      Today is the first time in 20 years I have been truly tempted (I feel certain my sponsor from the early years would beg to differ…)

      I am not using. I am sober.

      You know what Really helped?

      You. I thought of you cleaning the old bowl and it hit me: one day at a time. Your journey informs my journey. thank you.

      Thank you Al. Peace. Oh man, peace. Jen


      • Wow, you made my day, Jen. At the top of the list is the fact that you’re still clean! After that, if something i said or did played a small part, so much the better. That’s what this community is for, to share the love. Keep working it because it really works.


      • YOU made my day! wow. You played a large part. Please tell your sponsor. This was a HUGE deal to me and my family. Your journey is inspiring. Truly. xxx Jen


  2. i think that end-state alcoholism is a serious mental disease characterized by hypofrontality.

    for a definition of the brain state of hypofrontality go to:


    • Kristine! Welcome and Thank You for stopping by! xxxooo to you and your Sweet Kiddo! VERY interesting video. I have heard of hypofrontality in relation to Late Stage alcoholism and Wernicke – Karsokoff. I know Mommy deals with this now, I wonder if she has dealt with it for a much much longer time. Her behavior my whole life has been, well, I would say Odd, my therapist all say Sick. I had not considered that this might have been impacting my WHOLE Fam Damily for well for forever. In the video it sounds as though this impacts the alcoholic EARLY on not just later… food for thought. Thank You!!

      We talk with the Kid about the prefrontal cortex (he is a Logical kid..) in regards to his decision making process when it comes to that first “Hey lets get Fucked Up” moment, that I know is right around the corner. Talking to logical kids this way has been proven to work. I would think that watching family members deal with the various fall out of alcoholism will impact that moment also. He HATES drunks. Yes he does. Poor kid can already spot them. I am going to post this link on my blog. I see the guy has other videos too. Excellent.

      Thank you SO much for this. Trying to make sense of Craziness. Seems a life long endeavor , Yes? Love to you from America!!! Jen


  3. I totally agree with Al … you are awesome … amazing. I’m not sure what you inherited from your Oak Tree … except you said she was quite beautiful … that is accurate. The rest … my god, who knows? With all the crazy things that went on, and that DO go on with your mom … she may have needed some other treatment long ago. The severe alcoholism covered up so much in your mom’s life. Sometimes i get furious with doctors for not giving two-shits about alcoholism They are not willing to look deeper.

    Still, you are strong. You learned great strength by having to deal with great desperateness in you mom.

    Breathe. No more cat shit. You have done your job. Breath … mel xoxox


  4. Jen, I’ve heard our counselors talk a lot about dual diagnosis. I feel sure that would be accurate for your mom. Sometimes it’s a which came first question. Did the mental problems drive her to self-medicate with alcohol or did the booze cause her mental crisis? An answer you am never know and, honestly, I don’t think that matters. Not now. What matters is your survival and you are going against the odds. Hallelujah! You are going against those odds! Keep letting it out. We’ve got your back 😀


    • Debby, oh you! I could feel you there with me at the home today! YOU DO have my back! THank you so very much.

      It has been a very hard week. I am getting by, barely. You are so right about the dual diagnosis. I see the guys on the soup kitchen line and wonder “what is they had not gone to Vietnam, Iraq, divorced….” so many thoughts run through my head talking with them. I often think “there but for the grace of God go I” I wish I could more to help them. It is what it is and I can do what I can do.

      Survival. yes. Priorities. Thank you Sweet Woman. I will be stopping by your “house” (blog) soon! I have been discombobulated of late. I could use the Peace I find at your ‘house’! XXX Jen


  5. Lots of people self-medicate, and don’t tell their doctors they’re doing it. In this day and age, a doctor visit is all about getting in, getting you prescription and that’s it.
    In Australia, that is, and it sounds like the US is at least as bad, and quite likely worse.


    • Carolyn, You hit the nail on the head! In the US the drug company lobbies are too damn powerful and drugs seem to be the Easy Fix when really they are a stepping stone to much larger problems. Sad and dangerous!

      Australia! Thank you for being Here Truly. You are amazing and insighful. How did you find me??? We may have a friend in common perhaps???

      XXX Jen


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