Alcoholism vs. Mental Illness….

My friend Kristine posted a VERY interesting comment today regarding the issue: Alcoholism vs. Mental Illness. I want to share this. This is important stuff.

Peace, Jen

I think that end-state alcoholism is a serious mental disease characterized by hypofrontality.

for a definition of the brain state of hypofrontality go to:


(I, in my Luddite State, can not for the life of me remember how to embed this so you just click on it. It is WELL WORTH a copy and past.

I will fix it later.  I MUST post a Radiohead video later too.  Oh the woes of a Poet with a Laptop…)

~ by Step On a Crack on November 11, 2011.

4 Responses to “Alcoholism vs. Mental Illness….”

  1. BRILLIANT! I just subscribed to his youtube account. He’s awesome. AWESOME theories … Thanks for sharing … i’m so curious and so into it … thanks jen … talk soon , mel


  2. Extremely well done video which I will share with some of my friends in long term recovery; they will get it and may be able to use it.
    I read your “about” re: your mom, Korsakoff’s and alcoholism. Sounds like you are taking a tiger by the tail and painfully, honestly winning. Look forward to future entries (now an official follower) though I know they will be painful and full of growth for you and us. Thanks.
    I use this on my emails – similar to your “peace”- “All will be well.” Julian of Norwich


    • I LOVE Julian of Norwich! Mysticism calls to me. Thank you for being here and for the “all be well” Such a beautiful way to say hello and goodbye.

      I feel like I am under a ton of lead bricks at the moment. I do believe that the tiger has ME by the tail. So it goes, I am beginning to understand. This is NOT an easy journey but it seems that often the difficult journeys are the ones that produce the sweetest fruit. Peace to you! Jen


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