“This is What You Would Know About Me…If You Knew me…”

I woke tired, worried and terrified.

Synchronicity stepped in and righted me.

I am grateful for my friends today; friends who wear tiaras and feather boas,

Friends who reach out by email across decades and distance

and friends I have never met, but touch me daily;


I was terrified today. Lack of sleep caused by worry sends me into a PTSD tailspin.

It is damn near impossible to re-center once the Beast is at the helm. I was afraid of being alone in my car in a parking garage, I was afraid of sitting with my car door unlocked at a stop light.

I was terrified.             I was 5 years old again.

The Past took over and then the Present stepped in.

I was free.

I spent the day with my friends;

at an event for Challenge Denver.

I took part in an amazing event and learned about an organization which would have turned my teen years around.

Challenge Denver

I saw young people who live with what I did; alcoholism, violence, gangs, poverty and Fear.

They have had the opportunity to take part in a program which encourages kids to share their feelings and to tell their truth in a supportive environment which breaks down boundaries and Opens Hearts.

It is based on a simple premise: If we take the time to See and Hear one another,

we have the opportunity to embrace our commonality and not fear our differences.

I grew up in a tough, low-income neighborhood during a very violent time.

I lived in a home with alcoholics who were undependable and erratic.

I felt totally alone.

I was terrified both at home and at school.

Challenge Denver changes that.

“Step forward if you feel you have ever been judged by the color of your skin”

“Step forward if you have been sexually abused.”

“Step forward if you deal with alcoholism at home.”

“Step forward if you have been bullied.”

Katie Salvage, a Challenge Day Leader who travels the country leading these events, said,

“This is what you would know about me …

If you knew me…”

So simple and Powerful;

sharing fears and challenges; Sharing insight and strength;

Building Bridges.

 Changing lives.

I heard young kids say:

“We need to come together as a community..”

“We are not here to start wars…”

“It is obvious that something is not working…”


“How can we change this?”

Some of these kids had been gang bangers and most are growing up in poverty.

These kids were Glowing with Possibility and Hope.

I know lots of us grew up under tough circumstances.

I know many of us were left with wounds we self medicated.

I know lots of us grew up in fear and that fear continues to haunt us today.

Imagine this: What if we had had an opportunity to Tell our Truth and have someone there to catch us?

Imagine what that would have been like?

How would that have changed your life?

I KNOW it would have changed the choices I made.

Another Challenge Teen said today,

“The stones we throw in the water of today, will be the ripple effect of tomorrow.”

A Take Away from my time with my very good ROC Friends today was:

What ONE THING can I do to make a difference?

If we all did ONE thing, just one, Imagine the Ripple Effect on Tomorrow.

My Love to Julie, Marea, Sabina, Trish and Wendy; Women who Know Me and are there to Catch me.

I got your Back too. Yes I do.

My love and feelings of DEEP Gratitude for You too. You have touched my life.

“This is what you would know about me…

If you knew me…”

Thank you for bearing witness to my Truth.

Thank you for sharing yours. I am deeply honored to have you in my life.

These kids showed tremendous courage today sharing their stories:

Meliza Griego, Adriana Olivas, Mike Plymell, Karim Sanchez, and Elizabeth Villanueva

Thank you David Strong for your work on these kids behalf.

I wish you could have been there for all of us.

Peace,   Jen

(Radiohead video is coming. This is touching me more today…)

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~ by Step On a Crack on November 12, 2011.

14 Responses to ““This is What You Would Know About Me…If You Knew me…””

  1. Really wonderful to be reminded that small steps can start big movements.


    • What a great reminder! Rosa Parks comes to mind. Challenge is an amazing organization. Good things are going on. Good people doing Good work. Hope!

      I wish everyone here could have been there; it was moving and joyful and intense and inspiring! Reminds me of all of us on this blog thingy thing. Peace, Jen


  2. Jen,
    You ROC my world.
    Thank you!
    Peace & Love,
    Ms. Fosse


  3. This is beautiful. When we have the chance to truly know others, we realise how alike we all are. The different and unusual become similar and lovable.

    A cyber hug to you sweetheart to hold close.


  4. When you are having a bad day you should reread this post. It’s just lovely. I really enjoyed reading it.


  5. I have only intermittent internet access. I keep up with your posts, eventually, but I won’t be able to comment much for a while. Know I’m keeping you in my prayers and I’m glad to see you ‘stepping forward’ in your continued truthful posts! Brave women stick together, yes they do! I’m so glad you have the ROC!


    • Heidi, You are in my stop light prayers all the time. I can feel you here even if your are in and out. Brave women stick together ILOVE this! YES WE DO! I am glad I have you YOU are a ROC Woman in my life too. xxx Jen


  6. Cool organization. How are you? I’m glad you found your ROC when you needed it.

    I am sorry i have HAD to be out of the loop. Don and i had our weekend, and we had a huge fight about my attention to media … and our lack of balance.

    I’m back though …

    I have a lot of catching up to do.

    XOXOXO Mel


    • Welcome home! Big fight=Yuck. I am so sorry. I hope all is cleared up. This is the rotten part about intimacy; but worth it in the long run.
      You are gonna love ROC YOU are the original ROC! I am on my way to see Mommy. oh boy. She is gonna be MAD at me! I will try to email in depth tonight. Andrea arrives from England tomorrow! Yes Catch Up!!! Love Jen


  7. wow-what a great programme. Just this evening I was talking to my kids about Rosa Parks. “One person changed the law.” yup-that’s right honey-with help from her friends, and strangers too, who understood the unfairness. the pain. I’m glad you have the ROC as well.


    • Hello there!

      YOU are a Great Mom! Telling our kids about the great people who have impacted out world is KEY to helping them know they are NOT powerless and that they too can make the world a better place. I love Challenge Denver. I can only imagine how it would have changed my life. My ROC women too… they are a Rock. (ho ho!)

      Thank you for being here….. thank you SO much!

      Peace and XO Jen


  8. […] See This is what you would know about me if you knew about me for more information about Challenge […]


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