Life is Strange and Unpredictable

This is what I love about life:

It is strange and unpredictable.

This is what I hate about life:

It is strange and unpredictable.

My sister is here with her husband and their girl, Ella, all the way from England.

My brother by Love, Phil,  is on his way with Carrie and the Kids.

My Mel, a long-lost, never lost friend will be here Friday from her home far away.

My ROC Women, Sauna Club members and members of my Framily (more than friends, not quite family)

will all be together Saturday night for my 50th birthday party.

Bette Davis said, “Old age is not for sissies.”  I am NO sissy. I am Ready for this.

We are gonna dance our asses off at a 1961 Academy Awards themed dance party.

Costumes, great music,  a movie premiere of the films my son and his friends have made.

General mayhem will ensue.

We will be together. We will be celebrating Life, Love and Old Age.

This is not strange or unpredictable. We are a family that celebrates at the drop of a hat.

We have boxes of costumes and we live to get our groove on.

What is Strange and Unpredictable is my mother.

She is hanging on and the question everyone is asking is, “Why?”

What is Strange and Unpredictable is that all of us from around the world will be here

when my mother needs us the most.

We will all be together. We will all be here for my mother.

How is that possibly an accident?

Who Knew?

How does this happen? How is it that what you Need is there when you Need it?

The Stones nail it, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll find, you get what you need.”

Life is Strange and Unpredictable.

My Niece looks like my sister as a child. Ella Bee is  just as quick and charming as Andrea was and is today.

  I watch my sister with her girl and my heart swells with pride.

What runs through my mind is, “I am so Proud of her and who she is in this world.”

I adore her husband Paul, also quick and charming.

I find my self playing tickle bug with Ella and feeling certain she is my granddaughter.

Life is Strange and Unpredictable.

  I did in many ways raise my sister, but I am not her mother.

Now we are taking care of the woman we called mother but did not mean it.

My sister is picking me up and dusting me off. She is there to hold me.

She is there to support the choices I will make in the next two weeks regarding Mommy’s care.

The Woman we call mother is waiting for something.

This is Strange and Unpredictable; We are here and somewhere in this weekend I believe my mothers needs will be met and her journey will begin in earnest.

The Stones nail it.

I hope.

Peace,  Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on November 16, 2011.

7 Responses to “Life is Strange and Unpredictable”

  1. “How is it that what you Need is there when you Need it?”

    It’s the part of life that has really and truly kept me going, else I’d not be present here. That what I need (not always what I want… but what I need to keep going) turns up again and again, usually, like here, with people and their presence when it is needed most. 🙂

    I’m coming up for air after having been in the depths of writing and needing to babysit for a kiddo who has turned up sick this week (thus necessitating my services for more hours!) to read and to say “HAPPY 50TH TO YOU!” What a wonderful milestone! I’m so happy for you that there are people to share this special day with you, people who will give you not only what you need, but hopefully some of what you want, also.

    All joy as you celebrate, Jen!
    Take care & I’ll be back with you very soon…
    Mrs D


  2. Life is strange and unpredictable – and certainly God’s ways aren’t our ways, which I know should be a comfort, but isn’t always, is it?

    My Mom died a few months before my 50th birthday and my Dad, a few months after it. I lost 50 altogether (actually, I lost 50 and 51 and 52).

    In the midst of all the unpredictability of your life right now, Jen, I’m so glad you’re having a grand party! You won’t lose 50 – you’ll cherish it as you’re being cherished! 😀
    I wish you a mixture of peace and consolation and celebration great general mayhem! And anything else you need.

    You’ll be celebrating Life and Love but not Old Age, yet, young one. Happy, happy, birthday (an early wish in case my internet disappears again).


  3. Hey you jump on MY cloud! Guess who I’m writing to on my Big Mac? Dat be you! I hope we can help … Visit your “waiting” one. ? Mel xoxo


  4. Strange, unpredictable and yet God gives the grace to get through, to emerge with dancing shoes in time for a celebration. Celebrate! Jen, Celebrate your grand 50th and love those around you. I know you do and will. Thinking of you and the unpredictable that lies ahead.


  5. Happy 50th, Dear!

    Have a sweet party. Take a bunch of memories away from it. Good memories forged on a searing fire, but all the purer for it.

    Who knew?


  6. Only you should go 45 in the zone! I willl pray for all of the events ahead. God bless. I am sure God’s timing is perfect.


  7. Congratulations and happy birthday!

    Good for you for celebrating. Life needs to be grabbed by the nads and shaken up with regularity! Live it up and then, when that’s done, live it up even more!


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