Tebow got nuttin’ on Jen

Tebow got nuttin’ on Jen.


Oh. My. Mel.


Life: Complicated. Hard. Beautiful and Sweet.

Love: Complicated. Hard. Beautiful and Sweet.


Life is weird. They say timing is everything.  I am here to testify

To the truth of that statement.


My 50th birthday. All the family together.


My Mel on her way.

TROC ready to Roll

And hospice in the wings.



Really, How can this be so perfect and sweet

And so Fucking Sad all at once?


Mel. Mel made me smile. Mel made me cry.

Poetry Rap I can dance to…with you.








Thank you. See? This will all work out;

We will just Blog through it.

Peace,  Jen

A great man once said

“music is fuel”

I dig that.

I might just blow a speaker on the way to the

Airport tomorrow.

I just.






~ by Step On a Crack on November 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Tebow got nuttin’ on Jen”

  1. OH BABY we’re gonna blow speakers to and from that little air-Port.

    I’m freaky, zippy, wired … and up up up!!!

    LIKE LIKE LIKE (the post).

    We’re doin’ it! Scary, sweet, beautiful, hard … soft, fluffy — crazy timing.

    and you’re mom …

    AND the new family … the ROC.

    I’m a cog in the Jen Machine. Looking forward to BUSTIN’ A MOVE … so get those boogie shoes on babe.

    Man, i hope we don’t sprain an ankle. I’m bringin’ boots … medium-ish heals.

    Peace, love, soon …. AAAAAA, yippee, yikes!!! Camera, action!!!



  2. Damn how ’bout those Broncos? You still beat Tebow … that’s supposed to be a compliment. It’s a football thing …


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