These Things Bring Comfort

In a twelve step meeting decades ago, someone said,

“Sometimes you just need to

slog through the hard times…”

Today I turned it upside down “Sometimes you just have to blog through the hard times.”

I am up too late after a stressful and sad day. I am wound tight and trying to hold it all together.


I am here late at night Blogging through the hard times.

It may not be pretty, and the words may be awkward but I am here slogging through, making it to the other side.

These things bring comfort:





My sons laughter, after the tears

my niece, Ella,  being chased by my son and giggling all the while

A call to Trish, touching base

My ROC Women

Knowing that my dear friend, Mel, will be here soon

My quilt made by my sister for my 50th birthday; it is black and soft.

Lewis, my sons physics teacher, and a darn funny guy

Social workers who care and understand

Holding hands with Ella while we walk through the grocery store

Teachers who understand how hard times hit a 13-year-old man/boy

A text from a friend saying “I care. Just know I am here.”

Boas, tiaras and gorgeous Come Fuck Me Shoes

A text from Diane that says only “Lets go. NYC. Soon.” and knowing she means it

Phil, Carrie and the kids on their way..

Knowing my mother is safe and warm

Thinking of  my father

Music; Fuel for any Road

Knowing that Things Work Out,

They always do

Man. This is hard and getting harder. These are things that bring me comfort.

 I will hold to these things:





and connection.

Thank you for stopping by.

I am coming up for air,




Peace,  Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on November 17, 2011.

7 Responses to “These Things Bring Comfort”

  1. Hi. Missing you and thinking of you. And will see you so very soon … Will be grand!

    All is going to be OK … You told me do — and I believe YOU! C U really soon …boas and. Tiaras and lets get a rose tattoo !!! ;-). Mel


  2. Damn it … you told me SO, not do. OK … i’m off that bleedin’ phone.

    Want me to bring the book? Thanks for being such a wonderful support through all this LIFE toughness! xoxoxoxo mel


  3. I find it so helpful to name those things, just as you did, you are. I know it is bringing you comfort and peace. Keeping blogging through the hard times. Keep naming the things that get you through. You are loved by many.


  4. While you’re waiting to come up for air…breathe. Literally.

    Take 5 minutes, sit down and breathe as deeply as you can, concentrating on breathing slowly and on your breath. Empty your mind of all thought except for the breath you are slowly taking, then slowly exhaling…

    Forgetting to breathe can be detri-mental to your health.


    • Al, perhaps my flesh talisman is “BREATHE’ on my fingers. When I first met Juan and we were both in the program he had BREATHE written on his fingers. I am holding my breathe. you can die from that, i hear tell. good lord. thank you for the reminder.

      simple brain stem stuff that I am short circuiting with my brain. the all mighty brain will be the death of me

      or not…

      where is that sharpie??? my best to the Mrs. XXX Jen


  5. Jen your list is beautiful. And I agree with the previous, grand advice – breathe, slowly, in, then out. Slow, slow and slow. Feel the good coming in, and the bad going out. Don’t think, just feel it, slow and slow and slow.

    I’m breathing with you, knowing you will make it through, I will make it through, we will make it through.


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