Grief on Hold

You cry when you can.

I find the laundry room to be particularly conducive to tears;

the sound of the water pouring into the machine,

the warmth from the dryer…

You cry when you can and then you fold the towels and match the socks,

folding your grief in with them.

Grief on hold.

You cry when you can.

~ by Step On a Crack on November 29, 2011.

21 Responses to “Grief on Hold”

  1. For me it the place to cry is often the shower – there are times when I just want to wash it off and start all over again. Thinking of you often.


    • Yep. the shower. I cried today at the Y in the shower. That is the best place to cry because the old (76 is considered young in this bunch…) women all make a fuss when someone cries. We share shower tears. Thank you for being here. I am slowly coming to. I think. Thank you thank you Jen


    • Oh sweetie! I can feel the thoughts and prayers! I had not a clue what a blog could do to open a heart. I am slowly returning.

      Shower. YES! Perfect place and the mascara is not on yet. I can laugh now. My crying time is scheduled in 10 minutes… thank you for being here. Peace, Jen


  2. Yes, the shower for me as well. It pours out as strong as from my eyes and all washes over me bringing momentary relief. Yes, you cry when you can. Thinking of you.


  3. Oh hell, i cry walking down the streets of Chicago … i’ll never see those people again !! Seriously though … cry when you can … i know you’re protecting your boy and your husband from more grief than they already feel. love, mel


    • I cried in the cat food aisle of target today buying cat food after a hard call from hospice. the poor stock boy was wigging out. so it goes… I was all together by the time my Boy was in the car. That is all that matters now. right? I love you! Grief. We got it, girl. Jen


  4. This is so true, cry when you can. Hugs to you


  5. It’s in the car for me. Just me and my thoughts roaming the roads…and those dang songs.


    • YES! The car too! I love my car. I have mighty get up and GO and a killer stereo. YES. the car. Thank you for being here. I am going to drift off tonight thinking of the drive to my mothers nursing home tomorrow. Which songs to play?? give me another thing to ponder and another place to cry.

      Thank you very much… Peace, Jen


  6. Cry when you can, and then laugh when you can.

    To everything, there is a season.


  7. Usually when I’m driving..


  8. Hugs to you and hope you are doing okay


  9. @katharinetrauger Exactly! That’s what i was going for. Except it was the Birds, not the Turtles. Close, but not the same animal. 😉


    • Okay! So we’re both that old. Thanks for the real facts!
      Weren’t those the days . . . I can still hear the guitar twanging through that odd, hushed song–one of the few Bible passages I have almost all the way memorized.
      Did you own the single? What was on the flipside? Was it Requiem for the Masses? I think . . .


    • Kathy and Al,

      I gotta tell you; you two had me chuckling at my moms side.

      Thank you, thank you…

      Man, I needed that!

      Love. Jen


  10. Jen, did you know the song? I think you must have been about 7 years old when it was popular, really popular. People were dying in droves, in VietNam. Teens were angry. But I have thought all day long about the last line of the song. I was going to tell you this, then chickened out. Then you posted the above reply. So here goes:

    A time for love; a time for hate.
    A time for peace–I swear it’s not too late.

    Maybe that is a good thought to muddle on for the evening?


    • I DO! My cousin Chris whose death I have written about loved that song and I loved him.

      I LOVE the song. It is one of the many beautiful songs to come out of a horrible time.

      Peace. Yep. Peace.

      Love to you, Jen


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