My Mom was a Marksman

I am a Marksman too.

My mother was a marksman.

She could shoot a gun and hit anything from anywhere.

We would go out to the dump as kids and shoot.

When they were in college and broke, any money my parents had went to booze.

My dad hunted for meat.

My mother was a heck of a shot.

When we moved her from Iowa I found all the guns.

They moved with her but without ammo.

My Mama didn’t raise no dummy.

When it came time to move her to a nursing home, I made sure there were not any guns moving with her.

When I moved her into the second home,

I found several of the guns.

Somehow my mom had secretly hidden the guns and gotten them into the home.

When I moved her into the NEXT nursing home

I found MORE guns.

This last move, into the third and last home,  the guns were all accounted for.

Wernicke – Korsakoff is the dementia of the Cunning, Baffling and Powerful disease of alcoholism.

The dementia is just as Cunning, Baffling and Powerful as the disease.

How was my mom able to hide guns from us?



How is it that she could hide guns but could not remember that she had beer stashed

in every cupboard and closet of every room in her home?

How is that?

My mom was a marksman. I mean she was a dead on shot.

I’m not too shabby with a gun either.

My son will NOT have to worry about me stashing booze for a rainy day.

I will know where the ammo is too.

Breaking the cycle.

Yes Ma’am, I am breaking that Fucker Down!

Peace, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on December 11, 2011.

13 Responses to “My Mom was a Marksman”

  1. No Guns. No outta here for me either. I promise you. Love, mel


  2. You are a Markswoman! You shoot straight from the hip and are always right on target. As for breaking the cycle, how much broken? All the way fucking broken. Good on you, m’dear.


  3. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me, about you and your mom being dead eyes. It’s all in the ability to focus, isn’t it? I’m so thankful you continue to focus on truth.


    • Heidi. I have to tell you that you are a Mentor Mom to me; a virtual sponsor helping me to stay focused on one thing: the truth. So many people DO NOT want to hear it and sometimes it is scary to keep on, you keep me ‘honest’. Bless you! Jen


  4. Awesome writing and awesome pic. That’s one big bad pistol! 😀


  5. I hope you are not offended if I write that this post cracked me the fuck up, LMAO!

    Freakin’ hiding GUNS in a nursing home. *faints*

    I’m glad you know where your ammo is. Methinks that is a good thing, lol. 😀


  6. Amazing how we grasp for whatever facade we favor, isn’t it? You’re a great example for your son, understanding the value of keeping an eye on the ammo.
    Continued love and prayers.


    • Debbie! Thank you for Being Here. The ammo and the booze; both are safe and sound. I hope he sees my walk with grief and takes away something of value besides the fact that the tissue with lotion is worth the extra cost. This is hard. Very, very hard. XXOO Jen


  7. […] She wanted to remember where she hid her booze. […]


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