We All Need Poetry…


Like Gods, enter,  take what is heavy and make it light.

Here are two of my favorite sources of  Poetry online.

The American Academy of Poets website

The Poetry Foundation website

The Poetry Foundation also has an IPhone App which allows you to carry centuries of Poets with you.

 I HIGHLY recommend it.

Some carry a Rosary; I carry Poets.

Prayer comes in many forms.

Peace,   Jen

*BTW    My friend, Jovan Mays, is a Famous Poet hailing from Denver*

*He is a member of Slam Nuba*

*Winners of the National Poetry Slam competition in Boston this year*

*Check them out. They Slam in Denver at least once a month*

Slam Nuba of Denver – National Poetry Slam Champions

<a href=”” title=”Slam Nuba YouTube”>

<a href=”“>

~ by Step On a Crack on December 18, 2011.

12 Responses to “We All Need Poetry…”

  1. Thank you very much for the information and resources here! And Slam Nuba is cool!


  2. Thanks sweetie. I’m going for the app. Thank you for introducing me to poetry. I may have otherwise “skipped” it … My mom is a huge fan and can recite buckets of poetry and psalms, famous quotes, etc. That is something I admired about her but didn’t want to infringe on her gig. But now, I have been given this gift from you and I will run with it:-) love, (your strange friend) Mel


  3. We all NEED poetry. Thank you, Jen.


  4. I “carry” poets too, and I’m richer for learning to “pray” through poetry. Thanks for the app information. I have already downloaded and explored, much to my delight.


    • I am SO happy! Carrying them makes each day easier, doesn’t it? The App is just too much fun. I have discovered new poets and continue to thanks to that crazy smart phone thingy. I guess technology is AOK after all.

      Thank you very much for stopping by!

      Peace, Jen


  5. Those are amazing websites, I just checked them out! May myself and my fellow poets never become to heavy for you to carry!


    • You will NEVER be too heavy. I count myself Poet first; no. Mom first then Poet. Always Poet. I am not posting much now but the Poem Bones are Flowing. Heavy emotion and Love * : ) * will do that do us ehh? I thank you for stopping by. I will be in your neck of the woods often. Peace, Jen


    • OH! PLEASE check out the Poetry Foundation phone app. It is SO COOL! Also look at joining the American Academy of Poets. They have amazing resources and really go all out during Poetry month AND celebrate Poem in your Pocket Day; Thursday, April 26, 2012! My personal second favorite day of the year (Halloween wins first). You leave poetry all over where ever you go. I love to leave some and then hide and watch people pick them up to see what it is. OH it is MARVELOUS! YOU would love it! Who wouldn’t? XXX Jen


  6. Most of my dearest friends are fellow poets. Poetry seems to touch us deep down in a way that heals our hurt, if we need it. Poetry healed my hurt, and I went from being a victim to being a survivor instead.


    • Carolyn, Yes Ma’am. I KNOW you will get this: I am finding the easiest way Out and Through (as always) is through Poetry; both in the reading and the writing. I am not posting much but I am writing plenty; Poem Bones I call them. Little Baby Poems that one day will grow up and walk on their own. They will walk when I can. Yes? I know you understand 100%. I am looking at my poetry about my mom. Some going back 37 years. Ouch. They are informing my walk through the grief and the acknowledgement that she was abusive and neglectful. She was. And now she is gone. ‘I went from being a victim to being a survivor ‘ That is the Road I am trying to walk. Thank you so very much for stopping by. I deeply appreciate it. Poetry. yours. I still need to ‘get me some’ XXXOOO Jen


  7. […] I gotta tell ya, We got some Heavy Duty Poetry Mojo! The National Poetry Slam 2011 Champions are Slam Nuba of Denver. Thank you very much! Tonight, in our fair city, in this CowTown, Women Poets will be […]


  8. […] ***See this post to see Slam Nuba in Action: We All Need Poetry *** […]


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