HELP! Technology is getting the better of me!


I am posting my nominations for the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger award

and the nominations are not showing up as links.

I want to be able to share these blogs EASILY with everyone.

Can anyone tell me how to list a blog as a direct link to their blog?



Peace, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on December 30, 2011.

7 Responses to “HELP! Technology is getting the better of me!”

  1. hey Jen,

    I’m not that cluely as well but what I do is I go to open a new tab and go to the blog I want to link to and copy the address and past it into my post and it worked for my yesterday. I hope this works for you.


  2. Malyata is exactly right. That is HOW you do it, just exactly like that.
    1. You have to have Internet open twice, two tabs at the top, whatever.
    2. Your “new post” window is open in one–where you are trying to make the new post to announce your nominations.
    3. The site you wish to nominate is open in the other. Make sure it is the home page of that site.
    4. Go to the address window that shows where your nominated site is and carefully highlight that whole address (the url) .
    5. Copy it to your clipboard (on a PC, just use “control, c)
    6. Paste it into the area of your post text where you want it. (“control v”)
    7. The address should show up as a link, a different color font.


    1. Have Internet open twice, and select and copy the address, as 1-
    5 above.
    2. Type the word where you want it to become the link (in this case, “jen”).
    3. Highlight that word.
    4. Over the window where you are typing your post content, there is a row of task buttons. Find and click the one near the center that looks like three links in a chain. That is the link button. A window will open.
    5. In that window will be a place to paste the address you copied. That is all you HAVE to do but you MAY title the link, such as I might title yours “grace through sorrow” or something to give the reader a clue, and I might choose to have the link open in a separate window for the reader, which some prefer, but neither of those are necessary; you only need that url in that first slot.
    6. Click “add link”.

    That’s it. You may proceed to your next nomination. You will find the linked word will be a different color than the rest, showing the reader it is a link.

    If you change your mind or make a mistake, you can highlite the linked word again, click the link button again, and make changes, or click the button next to it that looks like a broken link to undo a link.

    Wow. I hope I remembered every little thing. I hope anyone who reads this and finds I left out something will PLEASE make it right!!!!!

    And I must commend your grace, really, Jen. When I did not know how to do this, I covertly asked people I felt would not belittle me. You, Dear, have the simple sweet grace to ask the whole world, come what may. I think it is part of your survival technique, and I love it. ❤

    And when you are ready to add the cute buttons that show you won these accolades, you will need more help, I think. Just ask again! 🙂


  3. Jen, the previous responses detail the process exactly. I had a little trouble with the learning curve on linking too. Good luck, and enjoy your well deserved awards. Paulann


  4. Where is Juan when you need him? Hi!!! How ya doin? Besides freaked out!!! xoxox mel


    • On the slopes with the Kid, darn it! I am just barely hanging in there. I just realized my dad died 6 years ago Jan 10th. Being at the farm where the suicide took place was also a REALLY boneheaded move. geesh. WHERE is my head!!!

      I LOVE my journals!!! but I LOVE you more.

      XXX Jen


  5. We are having all sorts of problems today with WordPress. I’ve contacted the forums. I don’t know if it’s us or Firefox or WordPress, but quite possibly, I’m going to read today and try tomorrow. This might not be the day for tech stuff… 😉


  6. Hey Jen, been there done that & only just discovered how!!

    Firstly, I LOVE THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG!! It’s a bit bold. NOone wants to step on a crack, do they?

    Anyhow, so when you got ‘Post.. New’ and you’re in that frame – a big square block, space to put your headline at the top, tags & categories you can put in the right.

    OK, so place (cut & paste, I do) your blog in the big box – all ready to hit ‘publish’, right? But let’s say you want to make the words

    gidday viewers

    link to my blog (! just as an example) –

    So HIGHLIGHT THE PHRASE YOU WANT TO BECOME A LINK. In this case, you would highlight ‘gidday viewers’. Now, in the banner just under the headline & just above the blank square where you placed your blog, you have a row or two of options – bold, italics, headline 1, headline 2 etc.

    IN THAT ROW OF OPTIONS, YOU WILL SEE SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A CHAIN LINK. So if your phrase is highlighted, you click the chain link and a screen opens up asking you what http:// address you want to turn it into. It’s so simple & I ONLY JUST DISCOVERED IT.

    I hope I’m clear for you. Take it step by step. It’s really easy once you get the hang of it.

    Sincerely, good luck.


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