Kreativ Blogger Award Nominations

Thank you, Paulann, of

for nominating for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

This nomination is an honor.

The nomination came at one of those times when if something warm and inspiring doesn’t come by, you wonder what will become of you.

It is an honor to have been nominated by Paulann.

She is a gifted writer. Her blog inspires me.

It has been inspirational to make connections with fellow bloggers, readers and writers.

The support I have found here is overwhelming and has shaped, not just my writing, but my journey.

I have nominated blogs which inspire me and have been integral in shaping how I view my journey through my mothers alcoholics dementia and now, her death.

These people have also informed my Walk with Words. I admire their writing.

Peace to you all and Happy New Year!


For this award, I have to share ten things you may not know. Then I must pass the award on to at least six bloggers. First the honor of nominating the following blogs for the Kreativ Blogger award; then things you may not know…

I have found Kathy’s blog, Home’s Cool, inspiring, uplifting and honest. Kathy has been instrumental in my continuing to blog, even during the dark days. Bless you Kathy; for everything. XXX

Heidi’s blog is inspiring and so is she! Heidi knows what it takes to live in recovery and how to WRITE! I always find something of use in her blog and her support has meant the world to me.

Heidi says,

“‘My life was eventually turned from disaster and depression to hope and gratitude! I only look back in order to remember how difficult it is to find serenity and direction when first sober.’”

Hope and I are in a very similar boat and finding her blog was like finding a lighthouse in the fog as I approached a rocky shore. Her blog is about her Mother’s death and alcoholism and she writes with beauty and grace. Thank you for keeping the Light shining brightly.

Rising on the Road is how I know her. This blog blends a journey with a journey and does it with beautiful writing and photography as well. It is a tale of journey’s far afield in exotic lands and the journey we take through grief. Two journey’s; one gifted writer.

Becky Carney writes with heart and courage about the loss of her child. I have learned so much from her about the journey through grief. Becky says, “Because we live in a society that is distanced from grief, it falls to the bereaved to teach others how to help.” Becky, you have taught me much about loss, love and moving forward. I am grateful to you.>om</a

Cecemom writes with honesty and courage about the death of her child. Her blog is heartbreakingly beautiful. Grief. I am sorry to say that Cecemom understands the walk with grief. Cecemom is a beautiful blog.

Poetry. Poetry feeds me and moves my soul. Maiya is a truly gifted poet.

Her tagline is “I write to mend my brokenness.’ She does this with raw energy and honesty. I find her poetry moving and beautifully written. I admire Maiya’s walk through pain with Words as her walking staff.

Now, things you may not know about me but might not be surprised to read:

1.) I am a firm believer in the individuals right to freedom of all kinds. I believe that we judge each other way too often and that judgement keeps us from knowing one another which inhibits our ability to find real solutions to our common problems and challenges. Bigotry, homophobia, religious superiority,and sexism has no place in a world trying to heal itself. I believe that Jesus was one of countless teachers on earth. ‘He who is without sin…’ is wisdom at its core.

‘What ever floats your boat’, as long as it does not harm others, is my motto. That comes with Going My Own Way.

2.) I am a long time vegetarian for spiritual reasons. If you order a burger I will not freak out. To each his own… (SEE # 1)

3.) I am a proud mother. Being a mother is my highest calling and the finest and most challenging thing I have ever done. I am honored to be my sons mother. He is a fine young man I am incredibly proud of him.

4.) I am a Poet first and a prose writer second. I live for Words. I read many books at one time and love discovering new writers with unusual voices and independent views. Poetry is my main sustenance; vitamin P.

5.) I have secrets. I will keep most of them.

6.) I have secrets. I will share some of them.

7.) I love the night. I love to stay up very late and see the day begin from the night side. This is a luxury now and a gift when it happens.

8.) I love to dance. I dance at home alone and any chance I get. I have a very wide taste in music, but lean toward heavy alternative with killer lyrics and an electronica edge. I love well written lyrics about topics that matter. Love songs? Not so much…

9.) I sleep across from the alphabet. I have the alphabet framed and hanging across from my bed. The alphabet is my tool chest, my therapy, my love. I love the alphabet, A lot. (No where near as much as I love my son. Not even close.)

10.) I am serious about my desire to help others who deal with the aftermath of growing up with alcoholism and I want to raise consciousness about the many ways that alcoholism destroys families and kills. I am very serious about outreach.

10.) I have a mild traumatic brain injury. I have had two serious brain injuries in my life. If I do not get enough sleep, or do too much in one day, the next I am likely to say to my son, “Please put your books in the microwave where they belong.” I now have aphasia. My MTBI will impact my life and future career choices for the rest of my days. I am very saddened by this. It bites big time. Do NOT hit your head too many times. Just don’t.

So there it is! I am sorry for the delay; grief and technology got in the way.

Thank you Paulann

and thank you to all of the fine writers above and all the readers of this blog.

You have all helped me through a time in Hell.

I am eternally grateful to you all.

Happy New Year. This one is going to Rock!

Peace, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on January 1, 2012.

14 Responses to “Kreativ Blogger Award Nominations”

  1. Number 9 brought me to tears. I love the Bee, Your son, You, My Paul, Food and the Alphabet. In That order. Congratulations.


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  3. Cool Jen! You rock! Excellent acceptance. I’ll be checking back with you on your other post. Believe it or not, someone else nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. Crazy! I’m a wee bit stunned!

    I’m so happy for your, and i LOVE your list!!! I love the part about secrets too: Keeping some private; sharing some. You’re in charge my dear friend!!! I’m so glad to see your beautiful face back in my INBOX! love, mel


  4. Thanks, Jen. You’ve left me wordless. Amazing, eh? 🙂


  5. Thanks, Jen. You’ve left me wordless. Amazing, eh? 😉


  6. Jen, my favorite part of all this is the new blogs to discover and learning more about the blog hosts. In this case, you! I tend toward alternative music too but not so much electronica. I’d be interested in seeing your play list 😉


    • Debby! Hello and Happy New Year! I am listening to a lot of Radio Head and Boards of Canada right now. I keep meaning to post a video link by Radio Head which focuses on clearing our brains of junk. I will get to it!

      How about you? what are you listening to? XXX Jen


  7. Congratulations on the Kreativ Blogger Award – you certainly are all that!
    The aphasia is really very sad. Doubly sad for a lover of words. The alphabet across from your bed is an entire story and more. Do you have graphic synthesia, too? If you do, we should compare colors sometime. 😀


    • Debbie!

      Aphasia IS a word lovers nightmare. I figure it is my Gods way of urging me to slow down. Yikes. The MTBI is a sad sad thing for me AND you accept and move on right?

      Color thingy??? Sounds cruel and fascinating. What is it?

      XXX. J


  8. Jen, thank you so much for the nomination! I’m very honored. I am a huge fan of yours and will continue to pray for your grieving and your writing… You keep dancing from night into day with the electronica edge and don’t forget the Vitamin P!


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