The Versatile Blogger Award Nominations!

I would like to thank AZ of for graciously nominating me for

the Versatile Blogger award.

The nomination could not have come at a more important time.

My blog began as a way to spread the word about Wernicke -Korsakoff, alcoholics dementia, but has morphed into so much more.

I have been deeply inspired by the writing I have found wandering the Blogosphere.

The writing has become personal and hence, more painful.

Being recognized by a blogger I respect encourages me to move through the pain

and continue to put (Virtual) Pen to (Virtual) Paper.

AZ of is an amazing young poet.

She has guts and gumption and an understanding of the world far beyond her age.

Verse Not Prose is inspiring.

According to the requirements of the award I must:

• Nominate 15 other bloggers

• Inform my nominees

• Share 7 random facts about myself

• Thank those who nominated me

• Add a picture of the award to this post

I am honored to nominate the following blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Mel writes beautifully about her fight with bulimia and her recovery. Mel has a fascinating take on bulimia; she views it as an addiction and one that is not necessarily amenable to the 12 step programs. Mel knows what she is talking about. Her blog is honest and often funny in a dark humor kind of way. Her blog also has her gorgeous paintings. Mel is a woman with a large heart, a mighty intellect and a gift with both words and paint.

Debbie’s blog has brought me much comfort. Her writing is tight and inspiring. Her comments have helped to shape not just my blog but my heart. Thank you!

Debby serves in a recovery community and really understand the power of forgiveness and the devastation of alcoholism. Debby writes with Heart. Thank you, Debby. You words were key on the last day with my mother.

Carolyn’s writing takes an honest, personal and courageous look at child sexual abuse. Her blog is beautiful and important.

“From victim to survivor…” She will be expanding her poetry presence soon; I await with an eager heart!

See her other blog also for poetry:

Thank you Carolyn!

Al K. Hall is honest and funny and taking recovery by storm. I admire his commitment to his sobriety and find it inspiring. I hope his blog finds others who are in the midst of banishing the Beast of alcoholism and addiction. Thanks, Al!

Paulann writes beautifully about the resiliency of the human heart and the power to be found in relationship. Paulann is a master at writing in ways which helps me learn more about myself and how it is I can be in this world as a whole person.

Full disclosure: Andrea is my sister.

Even more full disclosure: I have nothing to do with her wit, charm, drive and ambition. I wish I could cook like she does!

Her new blog is the first step in making a life long dream come true: to own and run a cafe; not your Run of the Mill Cafe, mind you. Andrea loves food, community, witty banter and WILL one day manifest this cafe. I am going to wait tables, for free, just to be a part of  that magical place.

I love to read Karin’s blog. She takes me away! Karin lives in Paris and writes about what it is to be in an expat in the City of Lights.

This has to be one of the most versatile blogs in blog-land. Nina writes about anything and everything with intellect and humor. I deeply respect her intellectual honesty and her passion.

Her tagline is: “ I want to change the world but I can’t crack the source code.”

Nina says she wants,

“To demonstrate that there’s a place for everyone in the world, regardless of what they believe – since what we believe is what we make of the universe – and as a consequence, what we make of ourselves”

I could not agree more.

Gary uses words as a transformational tool. Poetry with the tagline

“ The power is in the Poetry. Join the Revolution.”

Need I say more?

Beautifully written Poetry by Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia. Do yourself a favor and visit often!

Scott writes very erotic poetry full of imagery. This Poetry will get you!

Marc Latham has created a Wonderful poetry Blog. This blog is also a great source of other poetry sites.

Mbiaro writes moving poetry, often in French. Visit often and wander through the archives for a Poetry adventure.

This is a resource blog for any one who is an adult child of an alcoholic. I have found information of tremendous value here. Thank you for the resource!

What a way to end a year! It is with great honor that I nominate the bloggers listed above!

I wish I could have nominated many more.

Thank you for writing and posting. You make my day!

Now, 7 things you might not know about me…

1.)  I am a firm believer in the individuals right to freedom of all kinds. I believe that we judge each other way too often and that judgement keeps us from knowing one another which inhibits our ability to find real solutions to our common problems and challenges. Bigotry, homophobia, religious superiority,and sexism has no place in a world trying to heal itself. I believe that Jesus was one of countless teachers on earth. ‘He who is without sin…’ is wisdom at its core.

‘What ever floats your boat’, as long as it does not harm others, is my motto. That comes with Going My Own Way.

2.) I am a long time vegetarian for spiritual reasons. If you order a burger I will not freak.

My choice is only my choice. *  Please See # 1

3.) I began to sit in the sauna over 25 years ago after being diagnosed by 6 Western neurologists with MS. I began to see an Ayurvedic doctor, Alakanada Devi, who is also a Western doc. Her amazing diagnostic skills identified that I did NOT have MS but was having a severe reaction to the metal and mercury fillings in my teeth. I did a year-long cleanse which included sweating in the sauna and all my symptoms vanished. The neurologists called it a ‘miracle’ and refused to admit that they had misdiagnosed me. My family and I still see Alakananda today. Look up Alandi Ashram online. Alakanada is a gifted healer and a wonderful Woman.

4.) I want to be just like Patti Smith when I grow up. This distresses my son. So be it.

5.) The living writer I would most want to meet right now is Haruki Murakami. I love his unbelievably odd, beautifully written stuff. He is a genius with words and thought.

6.) I was a community organizer on the far left for much of my adult life. I am of the Saul Alinsky lineage. Rules for Radicals will always have a place on my book shelves.

7.)  I read many books at once. I usually am reading a novel, a non-fiction work and, of course, poetry all at the same time.

Happy New Year to you all!

Peace, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on January 1, 2012.

15 Responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award Nominations!”

  1. Thanks a lot for the nomination Jennifer; it was a really nice surprise to start 2012.

    I just received my 2011 stats from WordPress too, and it looks like quite a lot of work (for me!) to think up 7 things, so I’ll publicise it and pass it on in a couple of days on my site. I’ll let you know then.

    Happy New Year, and very best luck for 2012, Marc.


  2. I feel honored my friend! So honored! I loved your 7 facts. I learn more and more about you all the time. You are the real thing, and a real interesting deal! 😉 I’ve missed you a lot and thought of you often.

    YOUR writing is awesome. YOU are awesome. HUGE heart. HUGE courage. I feel a little nervous with what i need to do to be “proper” in this procedure, right? I’m so “radical” ;-).

    I will do my best to do the award thingy the right way with respect to the nominator! much love, my friend xoxoxo mel


  3. Thank you, Jen, for this honor! I really appreciate being recognized by you as a Versatile Blogger.

    What I liked most of all was learning more about you from the seven things you wrote about! Saunas sound wonderful. 🙂 And Patti Smith rocks, doesn’t she? I read Just Kids this summer and loved it. What a remarkable story and life she has had.

    Happy New Year, Jen!


    • Karin, I love the photos on the latest post. I REALLY need to turn in some miles….

      I am keeping your travel tips in a journal. yes I am.

      Ms. Patti Smith is a remarkable Woman. If I could be HALF the Woman she is at her age I will be a happy Woman. She deserved the National Book Award. the book is incredible.

      XXX Jen


  4. Thanks for the Props, Jen! What a wonderful way to be thought of. Especially, as i’m sure you’re aware, i’m only in this for the Awards! lol

    And thanks for sharing a little more about yourself! i’m totally on board with you about personal freedom. There’s a French expression which says, “My freedom ends where yours begins” and this has always been a litmus test for my actions and beliefs.

    Thank you again!


    • Dear Al, I know you are ALL about the awards, man. You know, you deserve it. Your posts really hit me where I live and I really hope that others in recovery find you. I LOVE the French expression. I am going to put it in my PAPER journal where the REALLY cool stuff goes. How do you write it in French?

      It really is a perfect litmus test.

      Peace and happy happy new year my Friend,



  5. Jen – Thank you for the very kind words. My heart is touched, truly.
    Your list of 7 facts is fascinating. Wow – makes me want to find a sauna and see if it could cure what ails me!
    Someone was railing on me a bit on Fork because I touched on religion in one post. Just one ( it is my blog after all), The criticism actually is what prompted me to start Two Minutes of Grace.
    When that happened, another blogger wrote: “Hey, no need to be critical. If it doesn’t float your boat, point your cursor somewhere else”. 😉
    It’s a ‘point’ of grace you generously share here.
    Once again, congratulations to you. You’re a wonderful wordsmith. You communicate with style, depth, humor and a frankness that’s disarming.
    Praying for the peace you always wish for us, for you,


    • Debbie!

      Thank you so much for your support. I really don’t know if I would still be in the blog thingy without you, Debby, Heidi and Al.

      After my mom died, like the next day, I had a very distant relative post some cruel and irrelevant stuff. Somehow she found my blog. Stepon is for US: people who care about alcoholics, were alcoholics, deal with alcoholics. I finally unapproved the comments realizing that counter productive interaction is NOT part of this trip ; it IS part of the disease! I am sorry you had to deal with yucky stuff. I need to visit the other blog! Will do!

      Peace, jen


      • Yes – that’s what I’ve decided too – I’ve been spending a lot of time reaching out to Christian bloggers.

        But most – not all – are only interested in telling me the answer for my life when they have not asked me a single questions about my life and experiences.

        So, the ones who are not prepared to meet me as being equal to them, as a person – I thank them for whatever interaction and tell them that I can’t play with anyone who thinks that I am of lesser value to society than they are.

        Especially when – and this is the part that they don’t know – they have no clue how involved with society and everything good that I have generated is – because they can’t contemplate that other people have community spirit and goodness unrelated to religion.

        Or that someone can actually know a lot about religion – expecially theirs and not find it compelling.

        Threats and rewards are not convincing of impossible claims, so details of their particular religious claims are just not a rabbit hole that’s interesting, when I reject the door as a whole.

        And if they can tell me about their life and what they bring into the world as a Christian or as a person – then I would love to interact.

        But they have to give me that same consideration – respect that I am the expert of my experience and I am not trying to change them – I just want to engage them in a discussion about the world we both have to inhabit – the physical world.


  6. …gosh, blushing. Thank you.


  7. […] up January 1, 2012 and turned on my computer, I discovered that one of my favorite bloggers – Jen of Step On a Crack –  had nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award […]


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