One Day we Will Feed you to the Wolves, I Promise.

William Charles Winkel

 August 21st, 1937 – January 10th, 2006

6 years ago, right this moment, I learned that my father was gone.

“ I have the most awful news,”

my mother said.

“Dad is dead.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

The Most Awful News.

Daddy was dead.

I love you Daddy,

wherever you are

or are not.

I love you will all that is in me.

You always said that heaven or hell

 only exists in how those you loved remember you;

You are in Heaven, Daddy.

One day we will feed you to the Wolves.

I promise.

With all my Love

and with Deep Gratitude

for all you have given me,

Your Favorite Eldest Daughter,


The Broncos ARE going ALL the way this year Daddy.

You were right…

this time.

~ by Step On a Crack on January 10, 2012.

15 Responses to “One Day we Will Feed you to the Wolves, I Promise.”

  1. What a loving tribute. My dad’s birthday was last week. He’s been gone 14 years and I’ve had a difficulty in remember the exact day he died and how long it’s been. I have to do the math which bothers me because I think it should be tattooed on my heart. This makes me think of my dad and it’s sweet thoughts. He would be cheering for the Bronco’s too, Jen. peace, friend.


    • Dear Debby, I am sorry for your loss! It is amazing to me how the anniversary just stays. The grief transforms BUT does not go away. The memories are the Gift. I think I can remember the date because it was the date I became my mothers keeper. A double edged sword that day.. I am so happy that this brought back memories of your dad! Sweet Thoughts are a Heaven Sent Gift indeed!

      Peace to you! Jen


  2. Maybe one of the most loving things we do for those we’ve lost is willingly step into the pain, and the joy of remembering them. I’m glad you let us join you in the remembering. Thank you ~ Paulann


    • It seems to me that, having tried to avoid grief, it IS indeed easier to just suck it up and walk on in.

      ‘the only way out is through…’ I think this is 100% true. Now, early in life, when self medicating, it didn’t really matter. Pain on Hold is all I got for that. And a whole boat load of trouble too. Thank you for being here! Jen


  3. I’m Late!!!! I love you! I love your dad! I remember him now! THANK YOU for the picture! Oh sweetness, what a beautiful tribute. Your dad was a hoot … i take it he liked wolves …. 🙂

    Yep, truly, even though the Broncos will fuck up my pool, i’m rooting (or is it routing) for the Broncos. Tim Tebow may be the second coming? If not, he sure does have SPUNK.

    Go Broncos. I have a buddy (from Oasis chat group) who’s a big Bronco fan. At the beginning of the season i thought, Pfffff, no way:

    Coincidences. GO DADDY 😉 love, Mel


    • Daddy was a HOOT wasn’t he! He adored you by the way. He worried. That was his way.

      I tell you, the Broncos have been a pain in my side my whole life BUT they are MY team.
      Miracles abound my friend and YOU KNOW i am on your side, but you may need to lose in the pools.
      I will make it up to you…!!

      Love, Jen


  4. Blessed anniversary to you. Your Dad gave you many word-gifts. He was SO right about SO much he told you. Remember and FEEL all his wisdom about your role in your family and about your mom. Thanking of you – wow – talk about no coincidences! I meant to type THINKING of you 🙂 But I am always THANKING the world for you as well!


  5. i remember discovering your blog through your post about building his coffin. Your father’s passing continues to unite people all over the world which sounds like the definition of living in Heaven to me.

    One day we should all be lucky enough to be fed to the wolves…


    • Dear Al,

      WHY do you persist in making a grown woman cry? Do you not care about my mascara??

      Seriously, this touches me deeply. You are a special man.

      We will feed him to the wolves: big piece of meat; bit of ashes; family farm WAY BACK where the wolves prowl….
      I am not kidding. That is what Daddy wanted. We will meet him half-ish way.
      Peace to you, Jen


  6. wonderful! (new address)

    please follow back-so I won’t miss a post!


  7. Very sweet! I wish I had that sort of relationship with my father. My dad takes us to court because he wants to get out of paying child support. He didn’t even know what school I went to before last year.


  8. Hugs to you, Jen. I am very sorry for this profound loss.
    Mrs D


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