Al is Celebrating One Year of Sobriety; HUZZAH!

There is an alternative.

A New Beginning.

I dedicate this post, a beginning,

to  a true Recovery Artist,

to use his finely crafted phrase,

Al K. Hall.

Al is celebrating one year of sobriety this week.

My God,

or my Higher Power,

or Bus #59

(You have to read his post! Link is here…)


as the case may be;

THIS is worth celebrating!

Here is to YOU Al!

One day at a time, working it, working it.

My hat off to you my Friend .

To New Beginnings,

to making dreams come true!

Huzzah!  Jen

To you Al and Yes Way!

Read Al’s Blog here:


~ by Step On a Crack on January 12, 2012.

9 Responses to “Al is Celebrating One Year of Sobriety; HUZZAH!”

  1. Thanks so much, Jen! i’m so flattered! At the same time, i feel humbled and a little undeserving of such high praise. It’s like i said to a friend,

    “The credit is not due me, i tried to control things for decades and it led me to a suicide attempt, but to others, to the program, and Higher Powers, whoever / whatever they may be. i’m still not used to being called an inspiration, but i certainly don’t mind talking about how grateful i am to AA and sharing all the benefits sobriety has brought me. If that makes me an inspiration, blame it on my Higher Power, lol.”


    • Al,

      Your blog IS VERY IMPORTANT (and funny as hell! It would have made my first years SO much more fun…)

      I am sending to a friend who just finished 90 days in treatment. IT IS Important. It is service work my Friend.

      Thank you for writing. Thank you for being here.

      Peace, Jen


  2. Al, you know i say congrats!!!!!

    Jen, you have an amazing gift!!! I can’t speak for others, but you have always made me feel special. That has, and always will mean the WORLD to me — as do you. That’s all i’ll say.

    Love, mel


  3. Thanks for sharing his story and congrats to him!!! xoxo


  4. Thank you for inviting us to celebrate Al’s “one step at a time” life of recovery. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we could celebrate all the minute by minute victories of others and ourselves, as we all take it one step at a time. I think that’s how we get from here to there…, one step at a time. Congratulations to Al on one year of sobriety. Congratulations to Jen for telling it like it is.

    Grace and mercy for the journey,


    • Paulann,

      I love this comment! One of the things I love about Hinduism is the constant celebration of every little thing. In the neighborhood where I grew up, we celebrated all the saints days because it seemed that each one was someones special name day. I LOVED that AND it builds community.

      I might just make up a ‘celebrate every hour’ holiday for my family one day…. Why the Hell not!

      Peace, Jen


  5. I went with Al to his chip meeting tonight to watch him get that One Year chip. 🙂 This year is SO much better than last year, I have to tell you! I am so glad that Al figured a few things out and is on this path. It is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for your support of him, Jen!

    Mrs Al (aka Mrs Demeanor) 😉


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