“Next year, Girls! Next year; all the way to the Super Bowl!”

*It is not right, not to give the Patriots their due; here goes*

We do not have TV per se. We can watch movies when we want to but do not have channels.

I have zero idea how to even use the damn thing.

I wanted to watch the Broncos play the Patriots.

I did not want to watch it with my son at a bar.

I was wearing my Broncos Tee shirt and I was ready to Win.

My husband contacted friends of his in the Mad Scientists Club  here in Denver to see if anyone had a clue how to get access to the game. The Mad Scientists, a group of crazy smart science geeks, came through. My husband made the pilgrimage to Radio Shack, his church, and  purchased the needed  antenna and, voila! the game was ours!

It was tough. I mean it was REALLY tough.

I can not say we were out done. We were thoroughly trounced.

And so it goes.

Broncos – Established 1960

Me – Established 1961

I have been here before and I will be here again.

The Broncos lose and Denver welcomes them back with open arms.

That is what you do; especially if you are Bill Winkel’s daughter.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots!

They played  one hell of a game.

Yes they did.

There is always next year.

I love that.

A gift beyond measure from my father;

Faith in the Denver Broncos,

And Optimism.

Thank you Daddy for both.

Next Year. Hell yes.

Peace, even in defeat,   Jen

** My father-in-laws team;

Our other family team,

 the San Francisco 49’ers were victorious.

We still have a dog in this fight!**

~ by Step On a Crack on January 15, 2012.

10 Responses to ““Next year, Girls! Next year; all the way to the Super Bowl!””

  1. Love the. 49ers too, lady! They could win too !! xxxoo I’m routing for San Fran and the. Winkel-thompsons!!


    • I gotta admit: the 49’ers are winners and can really play ball. It is like the NBA: I hate Kobe Bryant BUT man, can he play. Gotta give them props for being the best.

      Love to you! Jen


  2. I’m glad you got to see the game. I was watching too. I’m from Boston, born and raised a Patriots fan. My mom loved football


    • I have a confession: at the half, when I really sat down and looked at the numbers, I just could not take anymore. I turned the game off. It was painful BUT the Patriots were the far superior team. Brady was flawless.

      I admire that AND I know that Denver will welcome our team back with open arms. Football still makes me sad; missing Daddy and my father-in-law. Both Huge football fans. Guess this is part of the healing process ehh?

      XO Jen

      I LOVE Boston!


  3. I’m a New Orlean’s Saints fan from back in the days when everybody loved Archie Manning, but the Saints couldn’t seem to win a game. I have to say, even though my Saints were in the running, a part of me wanted the Broncos to take it all…, for you and your dad.

    I guess the fact that the 49ers are still in helps ease your pain. Your dad must have chuckled at the process of setting up your viewing venue. I thought Rick Reilly’s article on Tim Tebow might interest you. Candles get lit in lots of different ways. Here’s the url:


    It will be okay if the 49ers win, but I will probably have to root for Archie’s boy Eli. ~ Paulann


    • Paulann! Thank you for thinking of me and the Broncos. See how you are? I lOVED the article. In Denver we all know about Tebow and his REAL walk the TALK. I am glad more people will hear about his outreach. I really really hope he is the Real Deal. We need, our kids need, sports heros and I don’t care what they say; they are role models. Tebow lives it AND he has the chops to be one heck of a quarterback.

      I was rooting for the 49’ers BUT it was tough. New Orleans can use all the upbeat fun they can get. Gotta love the Rah Rah of sports!

      XO Jen


  4. It may not be the Bronco’s year…but i still have the sneaking suspicion it is OURS.


  5. Wow. Love the way you forgive your Broncos.
    The way you forgive your mom.
    The way you forgave the flight attendant.

    It is “The Way”.


    • Dear Kathy,

      Man! You put everything in perspective!

      I have learned SO much about Forgiveness as the Way from you.

      You make a huge difference in my life and on my Heart.

      Thank you. Really really alot!

      Love to you,



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