” I Will Always be Thankful for the Path She Took…”

Sometimes it seems that the Universe is conspiring against me.

I bet you can relate.

In those moments, I am far away from my God.

I believe that the universe never actually conspires against me. I believe that the universe is always offering up lessons for growth and opportunities for Love. I often know this and can rest in the comfort of knowing that all that is, is as it should be, no matter the pain.

I was reading a magazine in the Y last week.

I was reading 5280 magazine, a Denver magazine for the mile high city.

One mile = 5280 feet.

In the pages of this mostly ad ridden magazine, I found this, written by Julie Dugdale:

“ I haven’t followed in my mother’s footsteps on the way to adulthood

-but I will always be thankful for the path she took.”

There it is;

The Universe conspiring for me, with me and for a new way of looking at the past.

I have made many very conscious choices in my life. Many of these choices have been heavily informed

by the path my mother took.

I AM thankful for the path she took and it makes me so very sad for her.

I AM thankful for the path she took,

her life urging me to choose another.

I AM thankful for the path she took

as it deeply informs the choices I make as a mother to my son.

My mother walked a deadly path.

Thanks to her, my path will be long and winding and ripe with Love and Grace.

Today I choose gratitude.

Today I can see the Universe conspiring;

The Universe is conspiring for and with me.


Martin Luther King, Jr.

(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

Clergyman, Activist, Champion of non-violent change

When I was a young community organizer, Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of my heroes. I had his photo in my office along with the photos of Mother Theresa, Gandhi,

Mother Jones and Emma Goldman.

Non-violent protest was one of the many tools in my tool chest.

 Without the success  of these great Warriors, it would have been much harder for all of us in the trenches to Fight the Good Fight and win. I am Grateful.

“Free at last, Free at Last;

Thank God All mighty, I am Free at last!”

Rest In Peace.


Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

~ by Step On a Crack on January 16, 2012.

20 Responses to “” I Will Always be Thankful for the Path She Took…””

  1. Love the quote. Thanks for sharing.
    And it’s such a special day to celebrate an amazing man.


    • MLK was a one off that is for certain. I listened to THE speech today and was moved AGAIN. It does not matter how many times I hear his words booming I am moved. Deeply.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

      Peace, Jen


  2. Wow, that quote speaks to me as well. My mother was 20 and in college when she had me and my father is unsupportive so she raised me on her own. I do not plan to follow what she did, but going through the struggles of being raised by a single parent has made me a stronger person.
    Smooth seas don’t make for good sailors!!
    Andrea xoxoxo


  3. That’s “it” right there. The paths of other, especially our parents, are true learning tools and like I’ve blogged about before my own mistakes and misfortunes have turned out to be true gifts. So thanks for this blog today and for the MLK quotes. I live in that 5280 town, btw. 🙂


    • Dear SPM, A) I love your blog! B.) I love how small the world can be C.) thank you for stopping by and D.) ditto that!

      It is weird how the past is actually a template for the future. I can trace around the mistakes my parents made. (too bad I did not figure that one out until my 20’s BUT thank HP for the program)

      It all balances out IF we look at the Sparkly upside of life. I LOVE your most recent post BTW

      Peace, Jen


  4. I knew it! The world is conspiring in our favor!!!! 😉 At least i’m not in the basement dialing 911-Jen!! HA HA.

    So beautifully written. Thank you for telling me more about your mom and how you’ve turned your world UPSIDE down to make it awesome.

    Oh honey, i need to get my head together, but that may include going away for a few hours of swimming. Sorry to be late to the post: Resting in spite of all the GOOD KARMA you’re stirring up in this crazy world!!!

    I’ll be checking in with my God like crazy for the rest of eternity!!!
    love, mel


  5. What a great quote you found! It seems to capture your journey. Free at last, indeed!

    Peace to your and yours ~ Paulann


    • FREE indeed! Thank you Paulann for being here.

      I love the Marade (march/parade) here in Denver on MLK day AND I am ever conscious that inequity still exists.

      Our work is not done and as foot soldiers we have to hold to faith as our guide; both personally and globally.

      XO. Jen


  6. I truely love this post. My mother was not that educated and my first years every one from my father’s family and my mother’s family looked down on her and it rubbed off on me. It’s only in the last 8 yrs I have realised the decisions she made is the reason I am what I am both good and bad. She insisted her children were educated no matter what cost and put up alot. I remember the fights and taunts but she never budged always saying what she did was for us. Yes I am glad of the path she choose.


    • Dear Maiya,

      I admire you for being able to look back
      Back and see what your mom did for you. She sounds like a remarkable woman! She must be; look at her gifted, heartfelt daughter!

      Peace to you!



  7. Life happens for a reason. We may never fully understand or know why. Your mother’s life makes you a better person. Why she choose her path you may never fully understand but I am glad to see you have chosen a different one. Know that God is beside you, walking with you and guiding you. When you cannot walk, lean on him and he will carry you.
    thank you for this beautiful post.


    • Dear Judy,

      You have no idea how powerful these words are coming from you. You are a hero to me. Your blog and your willingness to write about your journey with such love is inspiring. Your survival seems nothing short of miraculous to me.

      Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you.

      Love, Jen


  8. Nice philosophy Jen, thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day…


    • Hello there!

      If I only I could find a way to express it poetically! I love your blog and what you are doing….

      Poetry is lifeblood and true art.

      Thank you for being here AND for your blog

      Peace, Jen


  9. Hi Jen…. I can relate in that I spent a lot of years second-guessing God. Presuming I knew where I needed to be and go, in spite of where I was.

    I presumed that my desires were right, and my reality was wrong… a result of mistakes.

    Until one day, I began asking myself, “How do you KNOW this is not exactly where God wants you to be at this very momen”?

    Answer: “I don’t”.

    In light of the numerous times when I thought I was in the worst of circumstances and farthest I could be from where I “should” be, yet later found that where I had actually been was a blessed place, setting, and opportunity, I learned to conclude that I really don’t know where I should be or need to be.

    Unless of course I am making blatantly dangerous, immoral, or destructive choices, I rely very little on my own sense of what “should” be.

    And even if we do make mistakes, I have found that God can do more with our mistakes than we can do with our victories… if we let him.

    Why did this or that happen? Why did my parents raise me in the way they did, hurt me in the way they did, give some bad role modelling in the way they did? In the words of Lefty from Donnie Brasco, “Ain’t the question”. The question(s) is(are):

    1) So what?
    2) How do I know God is not going to use this for something better than I could ever imagine?

    So I am with ya… thanks Mom/Dad for the paths you took. You gave God something to work with in me.




    • Dear Chaz,

      THIS IS IT:

      “And even if we do make mistakes, I have found that God can do more with our mistakes than we can do with our victories… if we let him.”

      Thank you for being here and for writing THIS!!!

      My dad always encouraged us to use our mistakes. He was not a God Guy (so he said…He walked the walk) but this is what he really meant.

      well put! Thank you very much!

      Take Care,



  10. Dear Jen – I’ve got to try to get here before Chaz or I’m left with nothing to say except Amen!
    I’m one of those blessed ones who had a mother that was an excellent role model, full of love and generosity. I used to be discouraged about the ways that I’m NOT like her. Now I just thank God for the gift of being her daughter. I’ll miss her until the day I die (when all missing will end and rejoicing will begin).
    I’m in awe of your grace, Jen, in choosing gratitude over blame and bitterness. You are one awesome woman!
    love and peace to you,


    • Dear Debbie,

      Bless you for being here!

      I can honestly say that without the guidance and support I found HERE with you, Heidi, Kathy,Mel and Al so early on, I seriously doubt I would have found Forgiveness.

      I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

      You guys are amazing! Truly…

      I hope you are doing well and I know you are. You have Faith. The Really Big Kind.

      Thank you for sharing that with me!

      Love, jen


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