For Maiya in Papua New Guinea…

I received an email post to a beautiful blog I follow,

Words From My Soul,

this morning.

Maiya is a Poet who lives in Papua New Guinea.

Her poetry is the Stuff of Dreams and often, nightmares.

She is a gifted Poet who writes with Courage and with Heart.

The post began:

“Our capital city Moresby is in turmoil as rumblings of a

Military Takeover of our government.

All flights in and out of the capital have been stopped…”

I clicked

“read more of this post…”

and was met with

“Apologies but no results were found for the requested archive….”

I have posted to links to articles about what appears to have been an attempted coup.

Please visit   Maiya’s blog and read her wonderful words and send prayers her way…

You are in my Heart and Prayers tonight, Maiya.

Take Care my Friend….


I Pray,


Up to 20 soldiers in Papua New Guinea say they have taken control of the military and are demanding the reinstatement of the ousted PM.

Mutiny Leader Demands New Papua New Guinea Gov’t

~ by Step On a Crack on January 26, 2012.

10 Responses to “For Maiya in Papua New Guinea…”

  1. Wow…that makes my heart ache. My prayers are with your friend!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by! Me too. It is too easy to think that because I am Safe everyone is safe. One of her latest posts talks honestly about how she is ‘owned’ by her husband. She is one amazing Warrior Woman! I continue to hold her in my heart.

      Peace, Jen


  2. Prayers be with your friend, my friend. Love, Mel


  3. She’s a beautiful writer, Jen. What a heart breaking situation. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know anything about it until I read your post. I did stop and pray right away and will continue to.

    It feels trite to add this here, but I can’t figure out where else to put it. I did nominate you for the ABC Award today
    I know, It’s a double whammy with Mel and I on the same day.

    It’s an odd award, I think. I chose you because I think you’re a blogger people want to know better. Accept it now or never – no pressure. I’m more than moderately private so I deviated from the rules. I have more awards to share with you, my friend, but those are for another time.

    We did finally make it to the post office in Whitsett.

    I’ll write Mayia’s name down so I won’t forget to continue to pray.


    • Isn’t she! I love her Poetry and her honestly. I did not have a clue what was going down in PNG either. I think it is a testament to what has become of journalism. If papers are owned by people in power with interests in Big Oil or other lobbies, the news is slanted that way.

      In the ‘old days’ journalists could run with a story of import regardless of the powers that be. Writers had more lee way.

      It is a sad thing that we have to dig deep to learn about what suffering is going on the world.

      YOU thank you SO much for the ABC Award! I LOVE this so darn much. THIS will be fun and I will work on it in the sad moments or the bad TBI moments. THank you very much!

      I am thinking thinking about how to be as clever as you and mel have been…..


      Hard to do…

      Love, Jen


  4. To Jen,

    when the mould was made,
    a sample of your heart and soul,
    they did take,
    to fashion in the golden gates,
    for they knew one day,
    the lord would command,
    a helper, friend, sister be made,
    wings on her back placed.
    from you angels were made.

    Thank you my friend


  5. Thank you for letting me know. Add me to the list of those praying.


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