Sauna Club Sorrow

The Women of the Sauna Club have been through it all.

Many of them are in their 90’s, most are in their late 70’s.

They have been  a saving grace for me;

a template of what a Woman can be.

I have been among them for 9 years.

That is a long time.

Not to them.

 Some of them have been going to our Y for over 40 years;

Their kids learned to swim at our pool

and now their Great –  Grandchildren swim there when visiting.

9 years is a drop in the bucket.

I have learned  so much from them;

from watching how they are friends to one another

to how to deal with crisis.

 This is how you do both:

with Grace and Calm.

Conversation flows like a river in the locker room;

no topic is off-limits and opinions are shared openly.

Many years ago I overheard Trudy (now 97) say to Barbara (now in her late 80’s)

“Are you the one who lost a child at 3?”

“Yes. I am.” said Barbara

“What happened?” asked Trudy as she dried her hair.

“She was strangled to death by a 7-year-old boy,” replied Barbara as she put on her makeup.

“I didn’t do very well for a long time, but the ache does go away. It takes a long time.”

Trudy  agreed and off they went for a cup of coffee upstairs.

Trudy  lost most of her relatives to the holocaust.

She was sent to NYC at 13 on her own before the war broke out.

She survived.

So did Barbara.

“It takes a long time.”

Grace and Calm and a cup of coffee with a new friend.

That is how you handle  sorrow the Sauna Club way.

Join me in a cuppa joe?

Peace,  Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on January 31, 2012.

18 Responses to “Sauna Club Sorrow”

  1. Your post blew me away. What a great way of reaching out to each other and providing comfort.



    • Dear Nancy! I WISH we could all go to the Sauna Club! Being there with these women is WAY better than therapy. Sometimes I imagine that the old quilting bees of the pioneer Woman were like this: quilt, solve the towns problems, quilt, take care of a friend…

      and at the end of all of that YOU have a quilt for the new family in town…

      Thank you for being here! Peace, Jen


  2. How beautiful and how sad. Very touching post. Love this:”9 years is a drop in the bucket” Wonderful. Congratulations, Jen, this is of a very high level. Love Steph


  3. You’re amazing and you write beautifully x


  4. All I could think was, wow, the people God puts in our lives to show us the way is amazing. Not all would see it Jen, but you do. You are looking for God and when we do, we’ll find him. Sometimes he looks like an old woman in a sauna at the Y. Beautiful post, friend. A long time 🙂 but not an alone time.


    • Dear Debby,

      I must say this was a God day. You are so right; we choose to see God work in our lives or we don’t. Thank you for reminding me:

      long time but not alone time…

      XO Jen


  5. Bring me a cuppa, will ya? I would love to know your group. I love to listen and chat with ladies of wisdom. They have lots to say. I hope you share your thoughts too Jen! You’re a big part of that group! I love this post! Sweet yet real: no sugar, but still sentimental. You are amazing!!! Love Mel.


  6. oh I would SO much love to share a big cuppa with you Jen! Absolutely the BEST way to start my day was to read your amazing post today. THANK YOU.


  7. Beautiful stuff here, Jen! I’ve been a slacker with comments and reading since the opening so it’s nice to hop back in and read this incredible blog. I’d read an entire book about the Sauna Club. Not kidding. I love multi-generational stories especially if they’re real. Nice job, neighbor.


    • I am excited to see the show! I posted about it today by the way!

      : )

      this is funny because my first idea for a blog was The Sauna Club Diaries! There are SO many great stories there. (everywhere really but…)

      thank you very much for taking the time to stop by! I know you must be slammed right now. We are looking forward to seeing the show!

      Peace, Jen


  8. Your ladies sound wise, delightful, and matter of fact! I don’t even drink coffee and I would join you in a cuppa joe. ~ Paulann


  9. We are, all of us here, survivors. Some people barely survive, only because they haven’t yet died, but the true survivors are those that, like these women you describe, survive with Grace.


  10. I have often wished I could share a cuppa with you. Maybe someday, but till then, we share a post or two. Thank you for the gifts of your heart here.


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