Truth Hit Hard; No More Booze

Heidi  of    Good Life No Alcohol

tells it like it is and can be for so many of us.

Deciding to quit drinking is sometimes dramatic,

sometimes a slow dawning;

it is always a good move.

My journey was a slow dawning one;

until it wasn’t.

Truth hit hard.

I was high functioning,

had a great career and a bright future ahead of me.

I also drank too much every night and used drugs .


I was not happy either;

there was that too.

AA works. Other things work too.

Wanting to quit is the first step.

THAT is  big.

Here is Heidi’s story of her way Home…

Thank you Heidi for this, and for so much more…

Peace,  Jen

Good Life


I am not one of the Old Timers yet. I am also not one of the Low Bottom drunks that I’ve met. I wasn’t living under a bridge or homeless. I didn’t even lose any part of my family, my job, or anything else.

My loss was not external and obvious. I am thankful to have found AA because my loss and my disease were still insidiously hidden: hidden from my friends, colleagues, and family. It was a loss that no one could see or diagnose for me. It wasn’t that obvious . It was, in fact, so hidden that even I didn’t know about it. I would have said that I was ‘doing fine’. Unhappy sometimes, elated sometimes, ambitious sometimes, tired sometimes. Just like everyone else. But I was fine.

Add to that, I was having the best experiences of my life. I had been taking road trips…

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~ by Step On a Crack on February 5, 2012.

6 Responses to “Truth Hit Hard; No More Booze”

  1. Jen, I’m humbled by your choice to re-post me. You’ve set a good precedent. I’ve been thinking about doing that more, myself. Thank you so much for sharing my link. My story isn’t very exciting, but it’s real. I’ve been so blessed by AA and the selfless people who helped me find a new path to living. I was so crazy and confused and clueless… sad how clueless I have been.

    You are one of the blessings of the program, Jen. I’m so glad we ‘met’. It’s just one more reason I’m grateful for AA.


    • Heidi, Your journey and your Walk has inspired me in too many ways to count. I want to share that with others here.

      I am back ‘with the program’ and can begin to feel serenity settle in. It is a tricky business, balancing telling my Truth without getting caught up in the past and the drama. I also don’t want to just tell my mothers story devoid of emotion. I think that working the steps actively will help me accomplish this. Without it I fear I will come unstrung. (not totally, not like before, but unstrung is not where I want to be no matter what that looks like. )

      I know that there are other ways to get sober or crawl out from under alcoholic families; but the program is what has worked for me.

      I think of you daily and count my blessings! I am deeply grateful we have ‘met’ also. God sent you. Yes, Ma’am!!!


  2. Hi Jen, I’ve nominated you for the ABC Blogger award, details can be found here:
    Steph xx


  3. Dearest Jen,
    I read Heidi’s story the first time around, and it is still good, still as well-written as before. Thanks for reposting it and giving all a chance to benefit from her great writing and her great experiences and her great God. 🙂



      It is a great story and universal. It is so well written and Heidi is SO close to God. Her story resonates and is a testimony to the power of the 12 step programs. I am glad you liked re-reading it… XO Jen


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