Kids and AA Meetings

THIS Is a Great question from a Great Blogger.
If you are a parent in recovery, how did you tell your kids?
What did/do you tell your kids?

Please take the time to read the About Page on this blog.
It takes courage; yes it does.

Peace, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on February 10, 2012.

11 Responses to “Kids and AA Meetings”

  1. thanks Jen, I’m really looking forward to some feedback on this one.


  2. My kids are 14 & 16 and they knew about my suicide attempt last January and i’ve been very open with them about going to AA. They don’t want to talk about the suicide attempt and they really don’t want to hear about AA, though they are glad i go and would be worried if i stopped.


    • Al,

      Thank you for the input! I think this is a VERY important question!

      I got sober before the kid. I stay sober through therapy and ACA. Its easier I think, because the steps have been a part of my life as long as the Kid has been around. I can’t separate it. My husband was in the program when we met.

      My son does not want to discuss family suicide or be around drunkards or dope. Got it. Done.

      Thank you very very much for the feedback.

      Wisdom: they would be bummed if you quit the program.

      That is the nut right there.

      Peace, Jen


  3. As the child of an alcoholic, I always preferred the truth from my dad than a cover up of missing pieces. I don’t think I needed every detail, but I did want to know the truth.

    As a therapist, I am amazed when I hear parents say “The kids don’t know about…”, whatever the about is. They may not know the details, but they are pretty good barometers of family dynamics, secrets, etc. They fill in the gaps, often with information that is more hurtful than the truth, including believing things are their fault. Even very young kids know when things are not okay with significant adults in their lives.

    They may not want or need to talk about everything and often, but I believe they need to hear us being honest, need to see how we get up when we fall, need to know they can come to us with questions and our intention will be to answer honestly.

    It’s hard to say it, especially to our kids, but there are things that need to be said, and they need to be said by us. ~ Paulann


    • Paulann,

      Thank you SO much!!!

      XO Jen


    • Thank you so much for these responses, Al, Paulann, and of course Jen. I’d reblog them to my blog if I could! My kids know about my bio mom-and a “lite” version of why she couldn’t take care of me, and how I came to be adopted. (on my retarded owl blog) In fact they have met her, and see her as odd, but kind-which she is. I know kids are wise-and won’t take my vague meeting reasons for long. Just wondering how others handled it, what might be appropriate. Thank you again for your input. Please stop by my blog any time!


      • I have an idea! What if you copy pasted all the responses on my blog onto your blog!!! You could just create a post about it actually.

        I gotta tell you, your ABOUT page is heartbreaking. I am curious to know more and I bet that is Damn painful.

        Peace, Jen


    • I just reposted this on my blog, and it worked! thank you. stop by and check it out. xo


  4. I’ll try your suggestion about copying the replies.
    And as for my past, some of it is on my other blog, the retarded owl on my blogroll. No exception here, seems like we all had less than ideal childhoods…


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