“Casual Encounters, Missed Connections”

The world has changed  since I was last dating.

(Not me, just the world…)

The World Wide Web was invented.

We all have phones in our pockets that  connect us to the world.

I can plug my phone in my car and  play my Rave Playlist and jam.

I can check my BLOG, I can read the New York Times and

TEXT my friend Diane about the amazing play we saw last night.

The world had definitely changed.

I had the incredible pleasure last night of seeing a play that made me laugh,

made me think and had me smiling the entire time.

      Casual Encounters; Missed Connections

written by fellow blogger Sean Paul Mahoney of UR The Inspiration

You gotta see this play!

 The Spark Theatre is small and comfortable.

It is  a perfect setting for this oddly intimate play about  strangers reaching out through Craigslist.

 It is timely for me. I tend to isolate in times of difficulty.

My walls are thick.

Writing this blog, my mother’s death;

your support….

All so NEW and vibrant and relevant.

Sean’s play gave me insight into the way the world works today;

the many ways in which people can connect.

The ways in which we are SO human, technology or no.

The most moving  thing about last night?

Meeting Sean.

Meeting a writer, a “Recovery Artist” I have come to deeply respect.

  We met face to face and THAT my friends, brings this  Large Small world full circle.

I have friends all over the world who read this blog; old friends, new friends.

  I have felt more support and less ability to isolate  in the BlogOSphere than anywhere else.

I don’t need to leave my couch (or my phone) to find a friend with something  to say that touches my heart.

Who knew a new friend was right around the corner; literally?

I will not easily shake this play.

I am a thespian of old and the going to a play is among my FAVORITE things to do.

The quality of the  entire production blew me away.

If you live in Denver, You really need to treat yourself.

You will not leave disappointed.  You will leave wanting to take your friends back again.

 Spark, at 240 South Broadway

Trust me on this one.

Congratulations Sean.  This is a really moving and very funny play.


The Spark theatre director announced that the plays run has been extended:

you can see it every Thursday through March.

Get tickets


Thank you Sean.  I needed that.


* The following is from Westword Magazine*

Spark Theater trolled Craigslist for its latest play, Casual Encounters/Missed Connections

By Kelsey Whipple Thu., Jan. 26 2012 at 7:53 AM
craigslist missed connections theater.jpg
Meghan Ralph
Even the cast of Casual Encounters/Missed Connections is shocked by the show’s online inspiration.

​As a kid, playwright Sean Paul Mahoney was “totally obsessed” with the Madonna/Rosanna Arquette movie Desperately Seeking Susan. Both the voyeurism and the romance fascinated him, but in his mind, he was Arquette’s character. “I always wanted to be that person that someone saw on the subway and thought was so awesome they just had to reach out,” he says.

He still does, though that back story is now more technologically advanced. So when he embarked on his most recent artistic venture, Mahoney focused on what he sees as a modern equivalent: Craigslist.

“It’s better than any romance novel or rom-com, though,” he says, “because it’s happening in real life.”

Mahoney, who grew up here, moved to Los Angeles for a fifteen-year span that saw the rise of both online dating and Craigslist. The site, which combines the two outlets with itsCasual Encounters (sex) and Missed Connections (lust) sections, was popular with his friends, whose stories fascinated him with their sheer ridiculousness. It was during this period that he originally came up with the idea for a play based on the website, though it took around a decade to finalize. Mahoney toyed with writing a short story on the subject or maybe a screenplay before finally turning the idea into a series of vignettes for Spark Theater in August 2011, and opens with a full production tomorrow night.

When he really starts thinking about online dating, the metaphor Mahoney eventually comes up with is that of pizza delivery. “We’re living behind our computers, and people are just putting their private information out there and then ordering whatever they want,” he says. “It’s like ordering Dominos.We’re living in this era where we’re more isolated than ever before, but thanks to the Internet we have more options than we ever have. There’s desperation and there’s opportunity and there’s hope and there’s honestly just a whole lot of weirdness.”

The first draft of Casual Encounters/Missed Connections found him surfing the Internet for the most profound but relatable stories he could find on the two sections of Craigslist, which later provided the fodder for his play.

In developing the posts past what was readily available online, Mahoney imagined what the people who wrote them were like and what issues played a role in their lives. The bawdy first draft, which even included a School House Rock-style musical number, has since been refined in hopes of exploring the theme with more insight than sexual humor. (Note: This doesn’t mean some parts won’t still be hilarious.)

“What it kept coming back to is that, as a writer, I’m a cultural anthropologist,” Mahoney says. “I’m interested in why we do the things we do. I went back through and focused on why this is interesting to me, why this matters.”

About half of the eleven posts he eventually selected originated in Denver, though he says he could create an entire play about the Missed Connections in Vegas alone. “I really looked for this diverse quilt of ads,” Mahoney says. “But Vegas has the best Missed Connection ads you’ll ever read in your entire life. Most of those didn’t make it because I thought people wouldn’t even believe they were real.”

The first half of Casual Encounters/Missed Connections focuses on the first section of the site, and its setting is the typical living room, complete with fourth wall, while the Missed Connections section is set inside a coffee shop. (Starbucks, says Mahoney, is an overwhelmingly popular setting for almost romances. “People are always falling in love with their barista or the person who ordered a non-fat latte.”)

Through 75 minutes and six actors, Mahoney’s play takes a 28-person maximum audience (Spark’s space is tiny) through vignettes based on real-life Internet hopes — including a Casual Encounter search for a sperm donor. “This is a casual encounter, people looking for their baby daddy online,” he says. “To me, that was like, ‘Oh my god, we’ve gotten there. This is happening.’ That says a lot about Internet culture to me but also speaks volumes about becoming a parent and the desperation for connection.”

Despite the amount of time he spent scouring the underbelly of the Internet as research, Mahoney retains an optimistic outlook on online love. In his case, however, the most notable item he’s found on Craigslist is a dining room table. “I’m totally bummed that I never had a missed connection,” he says. “I would have loved that.”

See the play at Spark, located at 240 South Broadway, at 7 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through February 18.

~ by Step On a Crack on February 10, 2012.

7 Responses to ““Casual Encounters, Missed Connections””

  1. Thank you Jen. So much. It’s always nice to hear positive feedback from fellow artists, writers and thespian-types. And especially when they are as cool as you. hearts, Sean


    • No! Thank YOU!

      Sean, your play would make a killer movie. The Beaver alone would make it.

      The Beaver. Oh Mercy! I do believe I have the Vapors…

      Really. It was a wonderful experience. I do believe I will be back with more friends in tow.

      Thank you very very much!

      Peace, Jen


  2. Oh if Denver wasn’t so far away!


  3. Having read this post Jen on Sean’s play I am most disappointed that I may never get to see it, living in NZ. 😦

    I am off to post on his site to see if I can persuade him to take a trip downunder 🙂

    I think you should see it again just for me 🙂


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