“Do I Drink Too Much?” BBC Documentary

PLEASE take the time to watch the video on this Blog post. This video, though not complete, begins to explain the dangers of alcohol on the body. The video does this very effectively.

This blog, written by a med student, is a valuable resource.

Peace, Jen


John Marsden, a very well established Australian writer with a penchant for alcohol, delves in to the depths of alcoholism. Utilizing the saying, it takes one to know one, he creates a knowledgeable documentary. Below, I reiterate some of his thoughts because I find them to be particularly interesting.

I’ve heard many stories, as well as my own, of having a first drink in the teenage years. It’s shocking to see experiments in this film demonstrate that teenagers, as compared to adults, are better able to handle the same dosage of alcohol. Even when performing tasks, the teenagers are less hindered by the intoxication of alcohol.

He also brings up a great question that I often find ruminating in my head. How many people truly consider the damage that alcohol does to their body? I often discuss this with people who have already had the realization that he or she is an alcoholic…

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~ by Step On a Crack on February 11, 2012.

14 Responses to ““Do I Drink Too Much?” BBC Documentary”

  1. Thanks for having reposted this. I would probably have never found it otherwise, and it was really good watching.


    • Thank YOU for stopping by! I really found this video to be a wonderful brief and hard hitting explanation of what alcohol does tot he body. I am so happy you found it helpful.

      Peace, Jen


      • It was both interesting and powerful. And yes, I did find it useful… even if I still intend to have my occasional social drink here and there, now I know more of what I should be concerned with. And I hope that in some way, it was a bit peace-bringing to you.


  2. this is great-now I have to get the rest of the documentary! so interesting.


  3. hi jen-can I reblog your reblog??!
    and did you watch the rest of it?


    • Hello there!

      I think it is GREAT to reblog it!

      I think you need to reblog it from the original blog. I think.

      I found it online but have not watched it all yet. What do you think of it?

      My sister lives in England and drinking is even more a part of the culture there than it is here. I find it fascinating that it came out of the UK.


  4. This was very interesting, if truncated. It reminded me of the doctors who warn against refined sugars for children. It seems the yeast in their systems converts all their cake, candy, etc., to alcohol, in the digestive tract, and they inordinantly crave sweets because they really are miniature alcoholics. Sad.


    • Kathy,

      A friend of mine is 2 years sober just recently and in the program they discourage sugar for these reasons.

      I have a family member that is not a drinker at all but sugar can make him into a rage a holic.

      Very interesting connections.

      Thank you SO much for being here!

      XO Jen


  5. Thanks for posting this, Jen. I’m anxious to use the information with the adolescents and young adults who cross my path.


  6. Since I have all the data I would like for this week, I was able to watch several of the BBC clips. WOW! You’ve really found a great resource.

    I thank you so much for linking to this. I’m sure I’ll use it in the future, too. Let’s get the message out there! You’re doing a good work, as always, Jen.


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