Playing Deadly Games

Pretty much,

You name it,

I tried it.

If I liked it,

I used it.


No shit.


I am one lucky


Amen to that.


*Please read the post before this one too. Please*

~ by Step On a Crack on February 12, 2012.

14 Responses to “Playing Deadly Games”

  1. Tough and fabulous!! Guts AND glory, Jen. Live . U. Mel


  2. Love Mel … And also live??? Damn iPhone!! Night night!


  3. A daring poem. A handful of words, mountains of misery and pain. I would say I love it, but can one really say that: “I love to read about such a tragic life” even when it seems to have a “happy end”?
    Love and hugs
    Steph xxx


    • Steph, Thank you so much for being here! I know what you mean. Sometimes I click the ‘like’ button on a terribly sad post by someone and it seems disingenuous. I like their honesty and courage. I LIKE that. The stories sometimes are just too sad to actually like like.

      XO Jen


  4. Good writing on both posts Jen.
    I’m always thankful that I wasn’t able to get addicted to bad things in the past. I’m so impressed with your strength to fight through it all and survive. Continue the fight girl! 🙂


    • Scott, Thank you for stopping by! I am grateful you never became addicted. I am amazed by people who jump through the ring of fire without getting burned. Really. I figure it this way: it was/is fight or die. Pretty simple when you put it that way.

      Thank you for your very kind words! XO Jen


  5. So happy to have had the chance to meet you, Jen! So thankful!


  6. Isn’t it good to be able to look at “the worst in us” from a position of “the best in us”? Seems like that gives us a chance to call it what it is, forgive ourselves, and get a life.

    Step by step. ~ Paulann


    • Yes! Even if I feel I am faltering (I never crave getting wasted anymore but) my emotional sobriety is OFTEN tested.

      It is good to have the past to look back on. I can do anything; with help.

      XO Jen


  7. A fist punch in the face of addiction!


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