“No One Wants to Talk About the Middle….”

My friend Mel knows about Recovery.
Mel knows about the Struggle and the Triumph.
In this poem Mel talks honestly about The Middle:

The struggle to get free of addictions;
the trading in;
the bargaining
and the family upheaval.

Mel is a sraight shooter and she is right:

No One Wants to Talk About the Middle….

We need to.
The middle can be the hardest place.

Thank you Mel for your writing. Thank you for your honesty.

Thank you most of all for being here and for being my Friend.

Peace, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on February 16, 2012.

3 Responses to ““No One Wants to Talk About the Middle….””

  1. The hardest, maybe most crucial part? Still biting me on the ass at times. X.O. Thanks my sweet. Mel


  2. We have definitely not talked about the reality of “between” here and there. It took me awhile to realize we were telling people why they needed to leave “here”, and go “there”. But we weren’t talking honestly and candidly about the messy process of going the distance between those two points.

    Some of that messiness is that until you’re past the halfway point, it’s a lot closer to go back to where you were than to keep pressing on. That doesn’t even touch on how we interpret our stumbling along the way, or what progress realistically looks like. Thanks Mel and Jen! ~ Paulann


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