Death: Liver Disease – Yeah, Right.

Bats at The She Chronicles,

 recently posted a hard-driving post

about celebrity death and addiction.

Yesterday a member of an old favorite band died;

Michael Davis, bass player for Detroit’s own MC5

died of liver cancer at 68.

The leading cause of liver cancer is chronic alcoholism.

Yes it is.

Detroit was in many ways the home of Punk in the United States.

NYC was the hub.

I owe a lot to the musicians who came out of Detroit.

I owe nothing to alcohol.

I am not going to jump to conclusions…
Yes I am.

My money is on chronic alcoholism in the death of Michael Davis.

I think Vegas wouldn’t like that much.

Drugs and alcohol kill.


This is getting personal.


~ by Step On a Crack on February 19, 2012.

16 Responses to “Death: Liver Disease – Yeah, Right.”

  1. Yes, it’s very personal and so few seem to know. You’re doing a great job at changing that Jen. Good for you!


    • Debby, Thank you for being here!

      I am amazed the more research I do about alcoholism how low the threshold is. I am stunned by the consequences to my generation. I am aware because alcoholism and addiction has hit our family so hard. What about all the people who really don’t know? Thank you for your feedback. I hope it helps someone.

      XO Jen


  2. Speak out sister! It is very personal to get DEAD! Sing it (as Debby has many times told me before). XOXO M


  3. I had two delirium tremensis and I am clean of alcohol since 2004. It is very hard stuff. Rock on, Alex


    • Alex, Thank you VERY much for stopping by! You know what I am talking about; you lived through it and came out the other side!
      No small feat and one to celebrate EVERY DAY! Congratulations on a LOT of years of being clean… THAT is where the REAL juice is…

      Peace, Jen


  4. well watching this clip, thrashing my head around, and I know why I have osteoarthritis at my youngish age…too much head banging at too many concerts as a kid! but as seriously, it IS personal, and alcohol kills so many.


    • Ah Ha! A fellow Head Banger of old! I swear I have lost most of my hearing in my left ear from standing TOO close to TOO many speaker stacks. It was a worth while sacrifice : )

      I still go to shows with friends from time to time when Sonic Youth or… is in town. It is so funny to watch the youngsters in the mosh pit while we stand on the rail. (I had a hip replacement 8 months ago and need that rail to LEAN on. Age. So what? I have the rail right?) Those crazy young kids are NOT even wearing steel toed boots! What has the world come to?

      I loved MC5 and Fred “sonic” Smith; another casualty to alcohol. I feel this loss far more than Whitney (my taste leans heavy and fast) AND it is not to be celebrated.

      “Let us count our Dead…” we would be counting for an eternity…

      Peace, Jen


  5. I enjoy reading your blog, and nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here:


    • THANK YOU so very much! I am deeply honored and tickled pink… Really thank you for this. I really enjoy your blog also. This BlogLand thing is amazing!

      It will take me a few days to take care of this PROPERLY,,, Thank you again!

      Peace, Jen


  6. “I owe a lot to the musicians who came out of Detroit.

    I owe nothing to alcohol.”

    Amen, Sister!


    • Detroit, right? Who would have thought?

      Patti Smith has been quoted as saying, Paraphrase… “NYC is done. It is not a place for young artists anymore. Head to Detroit.”

      Thank you Al… Thank you MUCHO!

      XO Jen


  7. Scary to face it as personal. Necessary to speak about it as personal. Personal makes people uncomfortable. Personal keeps us connected as community. Thanks, Jen. You are blazing the trail of the personal!


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