“Prepare Yourself; You Know it is a Must…”

Our family doesn’t do funerals like most folks…

Like I have said;

We Go Our Own Way..

Music, wild dancing;

celebration, community;

and release.



We miss you Ace. Always will.

We got Wild Dancing on tap for tonight.

By the way; the kid drove the Jeep today,

First time.

Thought you might want to know;

He loved it.

We got this covered, Ace.

Love, J J W and Aunt Deb

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~ by Step On a Crack on February 20, 2012.

8 Responses to ““Prepare Yourself; You Know it is a Must…””

  1. Go kid, Go. xoxo melis


  2. I love that song. What a great message to Ace. I’m sure he is remembered well & somehow, somewhere (I really do hope) he knows just how wild things got. 🙂


  3. Rock on, Ace!


    • Wherever he is; he is sure to be raising Hell. He was a Buddhist and believed he would return to continue his work.

      I am certain he will. I hope to meet him again…
      They broke the mold. Of course they did.

      Thanks, Al!

      Peace, Jen


  4. I absolutely love this! Spirit in the Sky is one of my favorites. That’s some wild dancing I would have loved to have been present for. You know Ace is smilin’ at the kid, the jeep, and the dance! XO ~ Paulann


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