” The Gift of Forgiveness”

Keeping It Real.
GO VIST this blog!

I am having a VERY hard time today forgiving a family suicide.

My son has PTSD thanks to that event and I am Furious!

My gratitude goes out to Keeping it Real for the video on this post.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch this clip.
It is a magical tool;
“The Gift of Forgiveness”
Amen to that…

Let it go…

Peace, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on February 27, 2012.

6 Responses to “” The Gift of Forgiveness””

  1. thanks Jen. you might also like the Grudge post I’ve got on theretardedowl


    • Hello there YOU!

      YES! I did love it! I can not find it on Itunes. Damn.

      My son is going to try today as he is off school today.

      Tool can be a bit rough for me: I love the music the lyrics can be a bit much.

      This one is PERFECT!

      thank you very much for posting it.

      Peace, Jen


  2. Peace lady!! Thinking about you. xoxo mel You’re doing so much work to sort through a LOT of tough stuff.


  3. Thanks for sharing the video, Jen. It was thought provoking. I thought about the movie, The Mission, and how the aboriginal tribal chief expressed forgiveness to the soldier of fortune who was trying to “pay” for his crimes he had committed against them.

    It’s good to be reminded that letting go of what someone else did, frees us to be ourselves and to live life fully.

    I have been way out of the blogging loop the past several days. I’m determined to catch up chronologically. We’ll see how that plan works for me. As I run fast to catch up, peace to you and yours! ~ Paulann


    • Paulann, I am happy you are back! I, too, am coming and going

      I am finding that forgiveness is freedom and freedom brings peace


      forgiveness comes and goes.

      yet another journey, ehh?

      XO Jen


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