“My First AA Meeting” Reblogged from Malficence

Blogger Nonmalficence is writing very honestly about his journey as the brother of an alcoholic. He is also a med student with an interest in Recovery.

This post took me back to my first 12 step meeting. I remember my preconceived notions and how thoroughly they were shattered that day.

This post is a great read for anyone interested in Recovery
AND for anyone just curious about what an AA meeting is like.

Thank you Nonmalficence for taking the time to write this!



Through the motivation of helpful and caring people like Jen,Heidi, and Eden I attended my first AA meeting on Sunday. It surpassed many of my expectations; however it ruined others and left me slightly dumbfounded.

My imagination, with the help of television and movies, painted a picture in my mind of what an AA meeting would be like. It portrayed a room filled with people that obviously looked like addicts; unkempt appearances, borderline offensive hygiene, and at least one person emitting a radiance of booze while swaying back and forth in his chair, balancing on the line between falling forward to the ground and staying in the seat.

You should ignore the video if you only know Bob Saget as Danny Tanner from Full House.

My imagination laughed at me as I entered the room. One look around made me realize that I was deceived. The majority of the…

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~ by Step On a Crack on February 27, 2012.

15 Responses to ““My First AA Meeting” Reblogged from Malficence”

  1. Awesome! Thanks for reblogging! ox mel


  2. Fabulous blog. Thanks for the repost, Jen. I wish I had this when I was trying to get over my fear of going to meetings. So powerful and it took me back right away. This is why blogging is amazing– you never know how your experiences can help others.


    • Hello there Sean!

      Isn’t that weird? It took me back too. I love that about the post and I love the blog Malficence is writing.
      BlogLand is a weird and wonderful place… Kinda like OZ.

      Or Craigs List..

      XO Jen


  3. Thank you Jen. I am a returned AA and lucky to get back to the rooms alive and with my low still not that low – yet.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog and experiences.


    • Isabella!
      Hello there and thank you for your blog. I really love it..

      Welcome back to AA also. I know what you mean: lucky to be back and lucky to have the where with all to get there.


      Peace, Jen


  4. https://iamnotshe.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/genuine-blogger-award/ Time for the Genuine Blog Award 🙂 oxoxox mel


    • MEL!

      OH thank you!!!! I really appreciate you thinking of me my Friend. I have a couple of easy, well I might have just jinxed it, days.

      I would love to accept and nominate now… I will head over to see what amazing blogs you have found!

      I love you. Always and in all ways…. Jen


  5. very interesting!


  6. For humans, it’s good to be expectant but be ready for surprises! You can always come across a huge disparity between what you expect and what you eventually see. Nice post!


    • Welcome and thank you SO much for stopping by!

      I agree.Being a mom I have had to see an awful lot of BAD kids movies. I learned in those experiecnes the value of low expectations. The lower they are; the better the movie (or experience…) is.

      Now, I would love to get to the place of NO expectations. My ego and intellect always gets in the way with this one..

      Thank you for your words of wisdom! and thank you for stopping by!

      Peace, Jen


  7. Jen, you are doing a great service by trawling and reblogging worthwhile posts. God bless you, Eric


    • Eric,

      I am GRATEFUL for all the amazing bloggers out there who are doing research and posting their experiences! I HAD NO idea that Blogging was a community effort! This is a wonder to me: all of us, together, writing, talking, Haikuing (Is that a word? I think you ought to TM it…) THIS Is an amazing place and I am grateful to be here.

      God Bless you too my Friend!



  8. Thanks for reporting this, Jen. It’s helpful to be reminded that in spite of stereotypes and all that seems to separate us, life is a pretty level playing field in our capacity to lose our way, choose poorly, and thankfully, to find the strength to stand again.

    It’s good to know we’re not alone. You are so good at bringing other voices to the table!


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