I Love Genuine Bloggers!

I would like to thank my dear friend Mel of I Am Not She, for tagging me for the Genuine Blogger Award. This is an honor. If nothing else, I have always valued being Genuine and have tried to define that in my life. 

Thank you so much Mel for thinking of me in this way, and honoring me with your confidence. You are a fellow Genuine Article: True, Wise, Gifted and Generous!

The person who Created this Award has asked that no rules be included if we present it to others, we are free to attached the Symbol for this Award or not.

So what are Genuine Bloggers?

My definition of Genuine Here: 

gen·u·ine   ˈjenyo͞oin/

  1. Truly what something is said to be; authentic: “genuine leather”.
  2. (of a person, emotion, or action) Sincere.
Synonyms: true – real – authentic – sincere – honest – veritable

Genuine writing comes from a sincere heart.

I believe that Genuine writing takes courage. It is not always easy to be Real.

It takes someone with a sincere desire to share their truth.

Sharing Genuine feelings and raw experience leads to greater understanding.

We bridge all gaps of distance and difference when we are Genuine. 

When we are Genuine;

We  Grow. 

The people I chose to nominate for this award are very genuine in their writing.

No smoke and mirrors to be found.

I am delighted when I see their blogs show up in my inbox; I know I will be inspired.

I know you will be too.


Heidi at Good Life No Alcohol

Troy at Life.Aisle

The Retarded Owl

Isabella’s Quest for Sobriety

Maiya at Word From My Soul

A Bump to the Head

Bartholmew at Nonmaleficence

Finding Urself after a Brain Injury

Chaz at One Direction Forward

Debbie at Two Minutes of Grace

Debby at Living in Graceland

Vina at TRUnique

Peace,  Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on March 4, 2012.

23 Responses to “I Love Genuine Bloggers!”

  1. Love your concept of presentation and the definitions too. I’m on my way to checking out your nominees. Great post!


  2. Congratulations Jen. You are a genuine blogger. Congratulations to all nominees too.


  3. More excellent choices. Dang! xoxo m


  4. […] kidding…inside joke! Thanks to Jen from Step on a Crack for nominating me for another award! After seeing I was nominated, I perused a few other winners of […]


  5. You ARE the definition of Genuine, Jen!
    true – real – authentic – sincere – honest – veritable
    Yep, that’s you!
    love and peace to you, dear heart!


  6. Thank you, Jen! The other nominees are much more talented than I, but I always appreciate your thoughtfulness.


    • Dear Bartholomew,

      I beg to differ. You are not only a talented writer and an engaging one also: you are going to make one Hell of a Doctor.

      THAT is a very BIG deal! We need you…

      Peace, Jen


  7. Jen, again, thank you so incredibly much for bestowing me the award. I am incredibly touched by your kindness 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed reading your acceptance words, you, yourself optimize the word genuine 🙂 I am off to do some nominating! What an amazing blogging world I am a part of 🙂


  8. Alternately, the pronunciation is:

    JEN. YOU. IN.


  9. Congratulations my friend how fitting that you have been awarded this. Your blog is so raw and honest. Thank you also for your nomination..it has made my heart a little lighter today. 🙂


  10. Congratulations and keep being genuine.


  11. you dear Jen, are the Jenuine deal. Sorry for the pun, I mean you no pain.


  12. … [Trackback]…

    […] Find More Informations here: step-on-a-crack.com/2012/03/04/i-love-genuine-bloggers/ […]…


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