They Have Arrived: Death Certificates…

It is late here.

I have been quietly tinkering around the house

Momming it in the dark night;



Sorting the books that lay all about.

I remember that I have not checked the mail in several days.

This is unusual for me;

routine dictates I check late afternoon

sort it,

and it is done.

I open the box

in the cool night air.

They have arrived;

My mother’s Death Certificates.

They have arrived.

The Certificates of Vital Record.

It is done.

It is not really,

Is it?

Does it begin now;



Grief has arrived.

Waiting for Peace, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on March 4, 2012.

8 Responses to “They Have Arrived: Death Certificates…”

  1. Oh boy. I just let out a big sigh, my sweet. There’s a little lounge chair in my heart with Jen sitting and typing and writing and momming. Plenty of tea and cookies. Protein 🙂 … my wee Jen safe even in her grief. XOX mel


  2. Grief is that uninvited visitor who shows up without warning and overstays it’s visit. It leaves you feeling ambushed and suffocating for air. But it can only overtake us if we allow and I know a Winkle girl isn’t going to allow that! I’m sorry for your pain, Jen. I know it’s another part of the journey that must be made to find peace. Or to expand the peace you already have. You’re on your way, friend. You have peace and it will only grow. My heart is giving you a warm hug this morn. XOXO debby


  3. I’m sorry for your pain and your loss, Jen. Take care of yourself in this most difficult time.


  4. Hello! I wish you successful week!


  5. Jen – I’ve forgotten why, but for some reason, I scanned both of my parents death certificate into my computer. Every once and a while, I come across them when I’m searching for a picture for a a post. Each time, still, I feel momentarily sucker-punched.
    My heart is with you and it’s aching.
    I’m sending you my love and praying for your peace,


  6. OK JEN, you are now the proud owner of the CREATIVE CHAOS award. Golly. This one seems a little off, but you might have some fun with it. AND you are awesome, so you will to the award JUSTICE … ?

    Go see that nutty iamnotshe, Creative Chaos award post. I’ve been messing around with it, so it is, in fact a bit of a mess. Love always, course, mel


  7. How amazing God’s timing, that you were just tinkering when it came, that it was dark, that you could be alone to think.

    You could have been on your way to a busy meeting, the young man could have needed explanations, the sun could have been brazenly intruding.

    Could have, but was not. Just for you, to help, to soften the blow.

    There is a time to every purpose under heaven.

    The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.


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