My Poem for Women’s Day

 The Call to Prayer

Tehran is in flames.

The song of Allahu Akbar climbs the night.

 I  balance this with the truth of my sons heart beating,

 My husbands lips reading words of poets.

What do we do?

 Stand  in the garden, my feet on this Earth,

Singing out into my night,

“May God forgive us for what we have not done.”

The moon that shines on my garden of splendor

Shines on mothers losing sons.

The roses in bloom

And blood flowing freely.

The moon shines down as

Allahu Akbar climbs the night.



© jk winkel thompson


In honor of The Arab Spring

~ by Step On a Crack on March 8, 2012.

22 Responses to “My Poem for Women’s Day”

  1. Jen…wow..I would love to read more of your poems..where can I find them???


    • Maiya,

      I have not posted any others. I am pondering it. I feel my poetry is so much more personal. Is that weird? Prose is relatively new to me; actually very new to me. It feels new and distanced. My poetry is much more MINE. Does that make sense?


  2. This rocked me a bit.


  3. I wrote something last night, and my WordPress program was fucking up.!!! Love this! My Poetess. Sorry to be late. I gave up on fighting with the internet!!!! Love to you, sweetie.

    I get it about poetry. i don’t know why i write poetry-like. I can’t write full sentences? All of it seems like crap, so i don’t want it to be mine … thems are my reasons 😉 xoxoxo m


    • YOU




      SEE? That is the simple answer. The simple, HP, Bus #59, given answer!

      XO Jen


      • You’re so much more HP than me … or more than i want to admit … for another day. 🙂 Maybe my HP was the Divinity school at Harvard classroom 200. 😉 OA …


  4. Oh, and thanks for being the AWAKENED ENLIGHTENED one … i just heard that it’s Woman’s week or day … sommat … something. 🙂


  5. thank you. for this moment, this reflection.


  6. I love the picture, the imagery of the roses, the blood, the moonlight on the garden and the prayer. Powerful. More poetry…Yes!


  7. “May God forgive us for what we have not done.”

    The moon that shines on your garden, you’ve used to shine a light for us. Thank you, dear Jen.


  8. i agree with Debbie, “May God forgive us for what we have not done.”



    • OK, this should be under “COWTOWN”.

      You guys are going to bloody get Peyton Manning i just know it.

      I love that boy … there are no coincidences my friend. OK … and love the poem. You rock over and out. See you soon in sphere-blog. love mel


      • I KNOW!!!

        He is a Great quarterback and a Good Man; both hard to find.

        Imagine: manning and elway mentoring tebow (he might bolt; true…)

        Imagine that!

        Now, we can not count our chickens before they hatch

        But we always have hope.

        Yee Haw!

        XO Jen


      • Happy cowgirl sound ..:-) what do us Midwesterners do … MOOOO … i do love a cow! xxoxo melis


    • Al,

      Thank you VERY much! It is so Weird when lines appear like that. It is definitely God driving in that moment…

      Thank you for being here!

      XO Jen


  9. Powerful words expressed with raw emotions – that is how I perceived this poem. Enjoyed it 🙂


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