Women Pounding Power: Suzi Q. Smith

Suzi Q. Smith of Denver

A Woman

Slamming Words,

Pounding Her Power,

Our Power,

for all of us

on Women’s Day.

Dig This.


Suzi Q. Smith lives in all of us.

Peace, Power and Love, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on March 8, 2012.

6 Responses to “Women Pounding Power: Suzi Q. Smith”

  1. I do dig this.


  2. Get slamming baby! I expect a big TROPHY for JEN, DEN-VER USA. 😉


    • Mel, You GOTTA see these Poets! They really Rock It!

      Maybe one day…


      Love, Jen


      • I will. My mission is to stay connected my friend. Travel is going to take a big part of Mel ALL over … I need to be where my heart loves to be … Denver, Seattle, San Fran, Beantown, etc. Wales too … 🙂

        I know you have fondness for UK … Oh yeah! love mel


  3. OK, more Seattle!!! Damn i can’t wait until May-June. Where’s this place Jen? I’m dragging D with me for some readings. xoxox m


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