To Mel With Love….

We are in this together.

We are here writing our lives

and sharing our hearts.

One of Ours has lost One of Theirs

and it is here and there and it is everywhere;

Our Love Travels Great Distances.


Our Love for you is Fleet of Foot

Our Hearts are as Wings of Love.

I am deeply sorry for your loss by Dear Friend.

You are Loved;


By so many you have touched.

With all my Love,


Visit Mel at

I Am Not She

~ by Step On a Crack on March 13, 2012.

14 Responses to “To Mel With Love….”

  1. Thank you my dear, dear friend. This is a really, really bad feeling. I don’t like watching human beings go. I never liked to leave my friends house after watching TV after school. Trying to be funny while my mind is trying to wrap itself around what happened, so fast. Jen, i got off the bus, Carlos picked me up, and we held mommy’s hands and kissed her hands for about 2 hours, and that was it. In a creepy corner of the hospital. I need to sleep. Hang on to me. I’ll hang onto you. How could she look like that mommy that had her goodness.


    • Mel, Transition just sucks. Death just sucks. I feel like I can say this to you; you have been there for me through my moms death. It is one Weird Cluster Fuck for a time… for a time.

      ‘How could she look like that mommy that had her goodness.’

      bingo bango. My mom too. I think that we are given a gift of Sight at death; we see the core of a person, all that they could have been and are at their highest selves. She was the Mommy with all the Goodness today at death. That is the only conclusion I can come to. It rings true to me and it continues to hold water. You will be able to remember the goodness of your Mommy. Me too. A gift from Bus # 59 or the Higgs Boson or the chair in the corner for all we know; but a gift nonetheless.

      I am hanging on my Love. I am holding you tight. I will not let go.

      Go to sleep My Warrior Queen. go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and as Noreen says in the TBI blog

      Breathe…. tomorrow just breathe.

      I love you. the process begins and it will be held aloft by the image of the goodness of Mommy.
      YOU are amazing. You KNEW and you Flew….

      Sleep tight my Dear Friend,



  2. I hope Mel will be okay. It’s devastating to lose a parent.


    • Bartholomew,

      it is. It just is…

      You speak from experience?

      Mel is a Warrior Queen with a court to watch over her. She is a Phoenix always rising from the ashes


      Peace, jen


  3. <3<3<3


  4. Hello Jen
    I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award. Details here:
    Love, Steph xxx


  5. Beautiful post. Amen.


  6. You’re inspiring to all! Grateful this world has you to help others through their difficult times.


    • Hello there!

      Thank you for being here. I am amazed at the community in this BlogLand thingy. I have been transformed by relationships here.
      When my mom died, many Friends here; new friends and old, helped me make it through the early hard hard days.

      This is an incredible place and people like you are what build it!

      Peace, Jen


  7. Jen,
    I almost can’t believe that you and Mel have only been in my life for a few months. Can that really be?
    How could two people become so dear so quickly?
    My hear broke with you when your Mom died – and now melis.
    I’m praying and will continue to pray for you both.
    The journey changes so unexpectedly.

    Many are hearing your call to care and pray in this lovely tribute to a true Phoenix.
    love and peace to you, Jen,


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