The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Steph of  Certainly Not Lost Down Under has nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award.

 I am honored by the nomination and by Steph giving me the nod!  I love her blog; an amalgam of Poetry and music that brings a smile to my face and reminds me that Beauty Reigns in this great world of ours. We NEED places like Steph’s blog to keep us centered and help our minds regroup.

Steph, you DO inspire me!

Thank you VERY much…

No rules with this one!

I, of course, LOVE that!

These blogs Truly Inspire me and I nominate them for the Inspiring Blogger Award.

Some inspire me to be a better person,

some inspire me to be grateful,

some inspire me to tighten my writing

and some inspire me by the deep resilience of the Human Heart.

They are all inspiring and have all helped shape the me that is here today.

It is a real Pleasure to share these blogs

and I look forward to seeing who they

in turn introduce to my world!


***I will post this and notify the bloggers ASAP!***


I Am Not She

Understanding the Past


Folding Mirror Poetry

The Borg Poet

Evoking the Deep

Homes Cool!

Two Minutes of Grace

Living in Graceland

Al K. Hall

Good Life No Alcohol

Words From My Soul


Doctor T’isms

Warrior Poet Wisdom

Finding Urself after a Brain Injury

A Bump to the Head

A Fork in the Road

Keeping This Real



Captain Savage’s Blog

The Retarded Owl

Isabella’s Quest for Sobriety

Louise Behiel

bye bye beer

The Spirit of Recovery

~ by Step On a Crack on March 15, 2012.

23 Responses to “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

  1. congratulations. well deserved


  2. Wow! Thanks Jen!!! When one of my favorite writers does this I’m in awe and feel inspired! Truly an honor!
    Always loving your writing!


    • Dear Scott,

      Oh My. The Pleasure is all mine!
      I love your poetry. You write with intensity and heart

      and an awful lot of talent.

      Thank you very much for being here!

      Peace, Jen


  3. Congratulations,, and thank you!


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  5. Congratulations, dear friend. You SO deserve this award!
    You rock, ‘even more than Joan Jett’! 😀
    love and peace,
    (and thank you)


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  7. Great list of course! Generous and thoughtful Jen! I’m honored to be honored by thee …

    Congrats to you cool soul! Love mel


  8. WELL DESERVED my friend. A befitting award 🙂

    And of course thank you for nominating me, I am TRULY HONOURED. xox


  9. Thank you, Jen. You are so gracious, and I am honored.


  10. Your posts are very inspiring – no doubts about that. Congrats 🙂


  11. Awww, that is so sweet. Thanks Jen, a big hugz for you 🙂

    P/s I’m glad you found my comments > lately ending up as spam. Someone in WP loves me so…


  12. Finally getting around to responding to the award! SORRY its taken me so long….life has just been distracting me from the ‘blogosphere’ too much lately!

    Not a bad problem though, eh?


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