My Heart Belongs to My Boy. My Heart Belongs to Words.

We are  many things:



Sons and Daughters,


The list is long.

We are also Bloggers and Poets and Writers.

Which comes first?

Familial  responsibilities are the bond of Love.

Friends are our ballast.


Words are our salvation and our path to sanity.

Right now

I am


I miss the Words;

both the

writing and the reading.

Being Mom comes first.

I am not here as often as I would like to be right now

I am where I NEED to be right now;

with my son,

my Glorious Son

as he faces some fear and transitions.

My heart belongs to my Boy.

My heart belongs to Words.


I am not here,

and I am.

I am making a choice to be present with my Son.

I miss this and you and words


I know

I will be in and out.

I think of all of you often;

I wonder what is up

 how you are doing

and how the words are falling  on  the page.

Some choices are hard.

This one is easy.

If you have been here long,

you know I gotta a cycle I gotta break.

Yes I do.

I have this GREAT Kid.

and I miss this GREAT Community.

Thanks to you

I am going to break this cycle.

Peace,  Jen


I will be posting; just not everyday.

For the Record:

That makes me sad.

~ by Step On a Crack on March 19, 2012.

40 Responses to “My Heart Belongs to My Boy. My Heart Belongs to Words.”

  1. Life is all about balance, yin and yan. So although not blogging as often sounds sad, other areas of you life will benefit from your increased attention. I enjoy your posts and your passion and will still be watching out for them regardless of their frequency.

    All the best, the Capt.
    (trained for a mission he hopes he never sees)


    • Dear Captain,

      BALANCE! Today was all about EXACTLY that and what that means. I discovered today that writing is a hefty part of my Balance Machinery. Finely tuned and ready to roll. My love for my son, you know all about that from personal experience, is the core. It always will be. Writing is for me to keep my wits about me. Weird day. Balance. YOU nailed it.

      Thank you Captain for being here and for being ready for anything!

      Peace, Jen


  2. Love you!


  3. I know it makes you sad. I was on the train, love … or i would have written more … i was bouncing in between rails on Red Line ;-). I feel the same way. Mucho love, mel


  4. Will look forward to reading your words in the future.


  5. Yes, it’s the easy and the Right choice. You are an amazing woman, Jen, and this choice of yours shows it all the more. peace, friend.


    • Funny how the sun and a comfy couch and your sons head on your lap while you are both reading just makes things 100% better. I found today that old joke “If you want to see God laugh Tell God your plans” was true. Writing today helped ME balance ME. God knows better what I need than I do. I wish I could hear that voice all the time. Thank you for being here and for all that you have done for me.

      XO Jen


  6. Oh, Jen. You’re so right. Please take a break and realign your focus. Don’t visit my blog for a while, too. You can always catch up later. Please keep doing the Mom thing. It’s right!


  7. Beautifully written Jen.

    The path you are on, to spend more time with your son, is not & shall not be questioned by anyone.

    Your presence here in the blogging world will remain whether you are posting every day, once a month or twice a year.

    You are an inspirational woman, a tremendous friend, a doting mother & caring wife, all of those qualities will never disappear.

    So for now, I will look forward to the next time, you, re-appear 🙂

    Sharon xox


    • Sharon!!

      Your comment lights me up! YOU always do…

      Thank you for being here. I found today, in the reading and cuddling and the sunshine that writing is part of my healing and my care taking of myself. Balance. oh the trickster; balance….

      Thank you for being you…

      XO Jen


  8. The path has shown a new stone to you! One that leads you in the same direction but has a different texture. I know this place and balance will follow. I am happy for you to have time with your boy. He needs you and you have so much to offer him as his Mom! Celebrate and know that when you’re ready, you can come back here and when you do you may have a whole new outlook to your writing. Sending massive hugs Jen. Xox Val


    • Dear Val,

      Thank you for being here!

      You You are a writer with a gift. Your comment alone has poem written all over it and that brings me great joy!

      Bless you you Warrior Queen!

      XO Jen


  9. Jen, as people keep reminding me – we only have one job and we each know what that is.

    You do what you need to do – in the short time I have ‘known’ you, you have spread much joy and love to me – enough to warm me through the cold times.

    You have shared so much here that your story and spirit will continue and will be here when, and if, you choose to come back.

    Just know that you have made a difference to this little duck – may you make a difference to your son – and yourself.



  10. Jen the time with your boy will give your words richness and added meaning. focus on him for now. we are here, waiting.


    • Louise, a day of cuddling and reading added to the tragic news made for a bittersweet and memorable day with my son. You are right. Life is what makes a better writer. Life and Love.

      Peace, Jen


  11. Children are the best blessing in the entire world. I am glad that you have that. My son is my world. He is my life’s work and my life’s greatest joy. And, when everything else is falling apart, I know there is my son. And he gives me the strength to keep going.


    • You are 100% right! It is amazing to me how ‘self’ can dissolve in the moments the Kid needs me. It is also amazing to see my ‘self’ enlarge in the moments he needs me to let him go. I am eternally grateful for this blessing. Being my sons mom is the MOST incredible ride of my life. YOU get that with all your heart. I salute you!

      Peace, Jen


  12. Try not to let it bother you too much-you are just doing what needs to be done! Your son. He is all. He is warm and breathing beside you now. We in the blogosphere, also warm and breathing I might add, need only to know that you are fine! Doing what needs to be done.


  13. I love that “friends are our ballast”…take good care, am sending more prayer.


  14. Not to worry, Jen. We’ll be hear whenever you can post. Family is always first with me.


    • Dear Ron,

      thank you kind sir! Family is where it is at and cuddling is on tap! I found that writing was also on tap.
      cuddling, reading, the sun and words. that works yes?

      Peace, Jen


  15. Meaningful words and writing. While you are away you’ll be missed. You need to take care of you and your son first.


    • Thank you for this and for being here! We are holed up and cuddly. I found today that words and writing were a path….
      amazing. you make a decision and the Universe often has a different plan….

      Peace, Jen


  16. We are friends Jen. Focus on your son. We can pick up months later, without missing a beat > we are friends, Eric 🙂


  17. Jen,
    Your friends should want what’s best for your boy. We do. We love you both. How could we want to come between you? How could our needs be more important to us than his? We are parents or we have had parents, and we applaud you.
    Miss you? Sure. But knowing you are more than fine, are in Mommecstacy, is a big charge. 🙂 Mine are grown but I loved those days. May you look back on these days with smiles of pleasurable memories.


  18. The strength of this kind of community is that we don’t need to be in constant contact to be a strong community.


  19. Will be here. I do the same as well juggling my babes and blogging it works itself out somehow. 🙂 Sometimes it takes a while for me to pop by but I always will.


  20. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I know I will be back here. This is a lovely spot.


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