“World Peace Poem by 47 poets (for the UN World Poetry Day)”

Angela Jane Grace has created a truly remarkable communal World Peace Poem.

I have posted the Poem in its entirety here.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and visit her at:   Angela Jane Grace Blog.

Thank you Angela for this work of Grace, Art and Peace.

World Peace Poem by 47 poets (for the UN World Poetry Day)

Here is the finished World Peace Poem, written by 47 poets from around the globe, from Africa to the The Netherlands and the USA to Pakistan.

Due to length, I have taken just a couple of lines from those who kindly donated many more (to see their full poetry, please click on the invitation to compile post).

The poem separated into natural chapters and you often cannot see where one poet ended their thread and another took it up to weave into the piece: a testament to all who contributed.

The word ‘Love’ appears 18 times; ‘Peace’, 21 times and ‘One’, 26 times.  All of the contributing poets were singing with the same voice… and there will also be some beautiful lines within the poem that resonate with you alone.

Our interconnectedness (between those who contributed and those who read it) it is hoped served to raise the vibration of our planet and people just a little bit towards a greater love and greater peace.

Many, many thanks to all those who contributed.

(If you particularly like any lines and wish to see more of the poet’s work,

please refer to the original post. The lines are all in order and you should be able to find them).

Love, Peace, One

A new dawn with every footstep begins
a new chance
to follow nature’s dreams
and walk…

What be Peace but the knowing of SELF – Soul Eternal Living Free
– such be this quest of Eternity
the path of enlightenment
leading your heart to dance
together, as one skin,
together, as one love,
together, as one peace

in one heart, to glow, to overflow,
with love divine unconditionally
will rise the dawn of peace….rays of hearts shine….
Love begets all peace and plenty, mothers children joy and mirth,
nurtured, can a girdle stretch all around the planet Earth.

Thus a new chance every day
steps at a time towards peace
from the soul of One
through the hearts of All
we embrace the world with Love.
As a universal one
let every thought, word and action
spring from the heart
for therein lies love.

The spring of life is here
the sky is wide open to receive
every heart is yearning for love to pour in.
We have divided the earth
we have divided the sky
let love unite us all
beyond all shadows of earth and the sky:
a small smile of small pleasures
smelling newness and waking dreams,
green grass and wonders.

One hand reaches out to another and grasps it in love and hope
this action is repeated on and on as smiles grow,
with peace we begin to cope
yes please yes put down the knives and the guns,
wake up a new era of peace has begun!
Let’s all be one, in sharing our thought and soul
to make this world a better place in the universe to live.

Poetry, like music is the language of the soul,
comes from within to cover us in it’s beautiful magic world of words:
The space in between
the moments
that we’ve seen
exists on another plane
maybe it’s true
in that space there’s no pain.

Our words are the bridges that connect our souls,
as we travel together in this world we share
nothing can stop us now,
invincible and headstrong, we are one,
together we stand,
hand in hand,
charging in the light of the sun
and with one heart, may we take a bow
in an endless chain of pride and joy,
and feel the strength of shared love;
a new chance to remember who WE truly are,
and, together sing the song of the heart that long forgotten,
in peace
Where would we be without our surroundings?
And who cares? (if you won’t.)

So now we go on? Now we climb up again to all those many lights?
Yes, help your brothers, help your sisters, gather and snip berried seeds
and turning our backs to those who will not play
leaving them to waste away?
as we surge forward spreading
the seeds of love and hope
rainbows becoming
truth in the word
promises sacred
in voices unheard

Each with shared roots in the Beloved Divine
we stand, all as brothers in one Infinite line
with all of our Hearts brought together as One
a Promise is given, that Peace shall be Done.

And when our hearts have joined in peace,
let wisdom reign and conflict cease.

Hear My voice, from Heaven, call–
come into My embrace, securing, all
For all are Worthy
and all are Great;
One Love
One World;
The Peaceful Embrace.

From the place we were started
returning again
as light framed by falling away
as sound through the canyon
the river of life
shall bring us to home
any day
Let’s wrap our thoughts and evolve
let’s enter the chamber of peace and behold
the beauty of the sound
the feeling of the rise
in oneness we mold
in oneness our passions embrace.
come let wisdom reign, a promise given,
light in the forest as we surge forward.
Yes, Yes!

As we stand together, one people,
let us sing in harmony, one voice
you and I are just the same
lets not let the differences divide us.
I hold your hand and you hold mine.
together we can be as one.
be brave, have courage to stand together against prejudices, injustices and hatred.
spread love instead of hate, spread peace instead of war.
Some people go around the world for love
but they may never find what they dream of
what you won’t do, do for love

Step out of separation – step into oneness.
find in your heart, inner peace, inner light, inner love
for yourself, for the other and our world.
whispers of the dawn
sprays its dew on a waking world
whispers of the morn
Softly Kiss the soul
Saying, sighing peace
Perfect Peace.
A thousand cranes in the air
birds of peace and love
Eternally in his light
music of the spheres and man
singing under rose-dawn skies
a thousand blooming roses
in colors more than one could count
all a family
together in the garden of a beautiful life
we’ll dance as we usher the clouds away
let the smile on your lips, touch the sparkle of your eyes,
and as the windows to the soul radiate across the skies.
Thoughts of peace are often hidden in our tempestuous world
but seeds have been planted
like hope, peace sprouts unexpectedly
in countries throughout the world
even where it is dangerous to have such thoughts
but they flourish anyway.

Under tents, mud huts
beneath the sky
sometimes with just the wind to warn them
those intent on peace
will not hide forever
seeing there are
no degrees of separation
no web of connectedness in the One
we touch the soul.
the puppy dances.

In the blooming of the tree, the rushing of the waterfall, in the heartbeat of nature’s creatures; and in the joining of hands of all the peoples of this beautiful world .. let love and peace reign.

There is nothing to Be
but in this moment
as this

Moving slowly, in complete and utter wakefulness,
in reverence and gratitude for simply Being
a breathing moving living prayer

In every thought
In every movement
In every breath

~ by Step On a Crack on March 24, 2012.

8 Responses to ““World Peace Poem by 47 poets (for the UN World Poetry Day)””

  1. This is unbelievably beautiful … Women and men contributed????!!! Love, m


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    • this reads like a drop of water, hung, suspended for just a menomt from the lip of the faucet sun glinting through it turning it to rainbow diamond. i’m reading peace like a river’ just now and this conversation has all the richness and warmth of the family Land.


  4. I don’t have a blogger award, but I have something better:


    A Religious Experiment
    Step on a Crack
    Where is my real life

    so, I want to thank you and let you know

    that some of the good that I do for the rest of my life



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