7X7 Link Award; Thank you Dan!

I want to thank Dan Balva of  Hurdles to Happiness for nominating me for the 7×7 Link Award.

I really enjoy reading Dan’s blog. Dan is a gifted young writer with a Glass Half Full!

His posts are always thought provoking and inspiring.

Dan’s writing is tight and smart. That makes this all the harder:

He sets the bar high for which posts I might choose to share.

Thank you Dan for your Glass Half Full and for helping me look at my own Glass the same way!

I am sorry for the late response. THIS award if one of my favorites; it forces me to look critically at  my writing and work over old posts.

With that being said, this award requires me to;

1) Reveal seven things about myself that you don’t already know;

2) Compile 7 of my favorite links from my blog;

3) Bestow this award upon 7 other bloggers. So here we go:

*** Alert: I broke the rules. I know, it is SHOCKING! ****

About Me:

1. I REALLY want to be a priest in the Catholic Church. I am not holding my breath.

2. I was just sleep walking through life until my son was born.

3. I was diagnosed with MS 27 years ago. I saw an Ayurvedic doctor, Alakananda Devi. She found I was experiencing heavy metal poisoning from the mercury in my fillings. I did a year-long cleanse and all my symptoms disappeared.

4. I broke my left arm twice; the first time at Disneyland. Goofy took me to the emergency room.

5. I am a night owl.

6. Given my wish to be a priest and my night owl status; being a bartender is the best job fit for me. I LOVED bar tending. Won’t do it again: sobriety might be challenged. Ya Think?

7. My first car was a 1962 VW bug that I received as a gift from my dad at 15. I spent a year doing all the work on it to create a moving , YELLOW, work of art. I loved that year and all I learned about cars and body work. That Summer confirmed for me all my father had taught me about being a woman: I could do ANYTHING a man could do.  I named my car Urge. I had the Urge to Go. I still do; only now I want to Go in my Mind and Heart.

7  ** Favorite Blog Links (in no particular order)  

I chose posts related to addiction and recovery: 

The First Time I Got Drunk – 11 Years Old

We Did Not Know What We Were Missing

I have a Childhood of Blackouts

Playing Deadly Games

I need Some More Recovery

Nothing but Grey

Keeping God Out

My Journey to Wholeness Will Never End

i am not she

******My nominations for the 7 x 7 Link Award******  

I have chosen a few of my favorite Blogs that deal with addiction and recovery. I hope that you will each accept this award and post your personal favorite posts. Your writing is inspirational

Whether I just began following your blog, or have already been an avid-follower, I really enjoy reading all of your posts, and would like to see some of your favorite works! Congratulations everyone!! It is well deserved

UR The Inspiration

Keeping This Real

Now What? by Mrs. Demeanor

Al K. Hall

The Spirit of Recovery

Good Life No Alcohol



Isabella’s Quest for Sobriety

i am not she

Peace,  Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on March 29, 2012.

16 Responses to “7X7 Link Award; Thank you Dan!”

  1. Jeeeesh I didn’t see my name — keep expecting to see Mel somewhere. Perhaps i should check the mirror. What if i don’t see a reflection 😉

    Give me that dark humor, baby! Love MEL xo


    • Oh Baby look in my mirror of you! You are SO bright you are gonna need shades (groan overdone I know…)

      Nothing wrong with going Vampiress on us. THere ARE good vampires according to Anne Rice. YOU would be a good one for SURE!

      dark humor is the cure for everything!

      XOXO Jen


      • Love Anne Rice … should read more of her books. I loved the Diary of a Vampire, and the movie. Jen, we are high strung OVERDOERS … it’s ok by me lady LOVE xo m


      • YES! Remember I worked at the library Freshman year? It was the year Interview with a Vampire came out and the entire staff of the library read it before we released it to the public. Oh I loved that book! Did you know she writes erotica under a pen name? makes sense when you think about it…

        High Strung Over Doers make GREAT Vampires…

        Xo Jen


  2. Jen, I love that you want to be a Priest. If it were up to votes you’d have mine! You make it fun learning more about you. XO


  3. OK, back attcha with the TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF AWARD!!! GO get it!!!! 🙂


  4. https://iamnotshe.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/tell-me-about-yourself-blog-award/ damn it! i can never do this right.


  5. Congratulations Jen. Quite ambitious wanting to become a priest in a male fortress like the Catholic church. It will take a few more popes before that can be realised I think.
    Love and hugs, Steph


    • Steph,

      Thank you very much! Dream Big right? I know. It is a LONG shot and often we want what we can not have. The goal then is to find the real core truth in the desire. Why do I want to be a priest is the real question I need to ask. Maybe because I can’t???

      Storm those male bastions!

      XOXO Jen


  6. congrats….now we share black & night:)


  7. Congratulation Jen! You’ve really been through a lot, so I think you will easily enter the priesthood…but not in this lifetime! I think that might still be a little while from now, but I love that idea. I’m also intrigued by your MS diagnosis and no problems after the mercury cleansing. Goes to show how sad we are with disease processes, and we aren’t looking for the causes. Take care, Edie


  8. Thanks, Jen, and I hope I can work on this on the weekend, and if not then, well, I will eventually do it. You’ve highlighted some really neat blogs.

    Anne (or A.N.) Roquelaure

    Now THOSE were interesting books… LOL!! I learned, ummm, interesting things from those ones. 😉 Then she underwent a kind of re-commitment to the Catholic faith and started writing those books on the life of Jesus — quite the switcheroo! I deny no one a change in life, but hers have been interesting! Just like she is interesting… “Interesting” seems to be the only adjective I can come up with for all that is Anne Rice, haha! A heckuva storyteller, that’s for sure.

    From 2004-2006 I had a beautiful lemon yellow 1968 Beetle, my most favorite car ever! It’s a sad story about what happened to it… A sad story in a series of sad stories, but I will be forever grateful to have been the proud owner of a VW Beetle for once in my life. I will never forget that beloved car. (Oh jeepers, I am getting choked up just typing that… silly me.)

    “I was just sleep walking through life until my son was born.”

    Ahhhhh. How wonderful! How wonderful to have someone in your life who woke you up like that. Terrific!!

    Mrs D


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