Very Inspiring Blogger Award; Thank you Mindful!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I would like to thank MindMindful  very much for nominating me for this award!

 She inspires me with her blog and her Mindfulness Moments. I love here blog for its honesty and her cheerful and healthy take on life.  If you are interested in Buddhism, she has a section of her blog with Buddhist resources. Her blog exudes Loving Kindness. We all can use a dose of that!  Thank you so much for this nomination! It means the world coming from you my Friend!

Naturally, I am to reveal Seven Oh So Interesting Things About Myself ……… & pass this award along to 7 other inspiring bloggers.

7 Unbelievably Interesting Things About Me

(maybe, maybe not…)

1. I long for a tattoo and have since I was 17 years old; I just can NOT decide what it would be. Permanent. That is troublesome too…

2. I Love my Nieces and Nephew SO much!

3. I cannot whistle. This in not for lack of trying…

4. I love my Godson and his fiancée SO much!

5. One of my earliest memories is of gazing raptly at a color photo of the celebration of Diwali in India in a Look magazine.

6. I thought Toy Story 3 was devastatingly sad. I cried. I really did.

7. This relates to #6:  I am WAY post menopausal. My reaction to Toy Story 3 was not hormonal; just real raw sadness.

I nominate the following blogs for this award. All of you inspire me!

Itsdelta’s Blog The Musing’s of a Feminist

Brain Injury Self Rehabilitation

Kissing the Cockroach

Thoughts to Mull

Inside the Bird Cage

Memory Bears By Bonnie

Sherrie Theriault

Now What? by Mrs. Demeanor

Thank you all for your writing and your inspiration!


~ by Step On a Crack on March 30, 2012.

16 Responses to “Very Inspiring Blogger Award; Thank you Mindful!”

  1. Tattoo on the ankle – a rose! Let’s do it! And congratulations 🙂 XO Mel … In a bus on a phone, almost to IC aaaaaaaa


  2. All fun things to learn about you (any Red Herrings?)!
    My daughter, who’s a wonderful artist but doesn’t know it, designed a beautiful vine, based on her love of Lothlórien – Tolkien’s fairest forest. She took it to a tattoo artist and he inked it trailing down behind her ear. If she wants it to show, she pulls her hair back. When she was working in a position where they weren’t keen on it, it never showed.
    She got it when she was 21 – 11 years ago. Her first act of semi-rebellion as her Dad hates tattoos.
    I really like it, she loves it! You’ll come up with something just right if you do it.
    And yes YOU are inspiring! ALWAYS! Congrats!


  3. good to get to know you better, Jen


  4. Witam! Serdecznie pozdrawiam i życzę pięknego weekendu!


  5. Inspiring is at the top of my list when thinking of you. You are just that, Jen, and so much more. I personally connect to the #7. The big M. It’s not for sissies!


    • Debby,

      Back at you my Friend! As I move into the next phase of my life and ponder what it is I am to do; I look to you and how you live your life. you have touched me deeply.

      Love to you on this glorious day!



  6. I totally cried at Toy Story 3.


    • OH! I am NOT alone! I was telling my Godson last night that Toy Story 3 is SO SAD and he thought I was a crazy woman (which indeed may be true but that is NOT connected to my sadness…. duh)

      Peace to you!



      • I remember crying in the theater and my BF just slooowwwlllyy looked over at me, then slloowwwllyy looked the other way. I did laugh out loud though when Buzz started speaking Spanish….JAAjajjajaajJAjaaaja


  7. Congrats…
    I tried to whistle many times as well, yet every time I did,I felt helpless&it’s a feeling I hate having:(
    Guess I’ll ask Leonardo of the Titanic to pay me a hand in that:)


  8. […] Very Inspiring Blogger Award; Thank you Mindful! ( […]


  9. Thank you, Jen. Oh wow, I am so behind on posts here. I just glanced at the ones with PTSD and Corky Gonzales (now *there’s* a name I have not heard for a while!! Wow) and of course ee cummings. So much to read and so little time. I’m checking in between babysitting gigs this afternoon in my area of the world, and saw you had nominated me here, too. So I wanted to stop by and say “thank you.”

    You know, with these dual identities, I really do wish there were actually two of me some days, hahaha. I could read and post so much! As it is, there is just little old me, trying to divide herself up into too many pieces, and so she gives up and just goes and watches Mad Men (and too many YouTube videos on UFOs, lol. Gosh I am a sucker for that sh*t, lol. I should put that in my list of things to learn about me!).

    Here are some hug hugs for you. Whoops, typo, but a cute one! HUGE hugs.

    Mrs D


    • Mrs. D!!!

      I was thinking of you today! I think of you often as I meander Denver…

      I thought that Corky would be familiar to you too!

      OK Balance right? Its about balance… OR

      adrenalin and not enough sleep and stress

      Is it all about that instead??

      I get so confused! thank you for stopping by my Dual Identity Friend. Thank you!

      XO Jen


  10. Finally have gotten to posting my acceptance of the Inspiring Blogger Award, and I greatly appreciate your nomination and your patience! 🙂 Hope life is treating you well, and vice versa !!


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