Blog Poets Extraordinare!

I Love Poets!

I Love Poets!

Mira Jay of  Divine Rhythm     commented;

“To me no day in 365 can stand for Poetry because Poetry stands for seconds or even fractions of a second;

it’s born in a smile, in a tear, in a frown, in a prayer; simply in a cardiac record…

Ever moment in a Poet’s life could be a moment to celebrate poetry”

Thank you Mira…


I am a Poetry Every Day Woman.

Just like a multi-vitamin,

Poetry heals what harms and strengthens what is weak.

Poetry is everywhere and in everything.


Here are some of the Poets I have discovered in BlogLand.

Poetry is Large. Poetry is Wide.


Words dancing light shadow window frame.


Peace and Poetry!



Please share YOUR favorite Blog Poets with me!


Words From My Soul Maiya

Caddo Veil

Certainly Not Lost Down Under

Divine Rhythm


Sherrie Theriault

Angela Jane Grace

Julie Catherine Vigna

Mel at I Am Not She

The Borg Poet The Power is in the Poetry

Folding Mirror Poetry

Written Words Never Die

Evoking the Deep

Verse Not Prose

Warrior Poet Wisdom

Five Reflections

DF Barker * Restless Art

Ahhh Poetry

Thoughts to Mull


Dean J. Baker

Thank you to all of you for


Peace,  Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on April 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Blog Poets Extraordinare!”

  1. O’ sweet Jen; I’ll reply to your sweetness by a piece that comes to my mind while reading this:

    A towering Oak against storms standing still
    A spring invading a snowy hill
    A horizon; dyed in gold
    A sky never grown old
    A sun Whispering hope with each ray
    A Journey of a heart from flesh to clay…


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