Tell Me About Yourself, Would You Please?

Thank you Mel at  i am not she    for wanting to know more about me!

Truth be told, Mel knows stuff about me that will remain only between the two of us.I trust Mel. That is not an easy feat for me and speaks volumes about who Mel is as a person.  I am grateful for her friendship and our long and disjointed path. Mel, thank you for sharing so much of your heart in your blog. Thank you for reaching out to those with eating disorders. Thank you for being a beacon of What Can Be when it is easier Not To.

You are a Ray of Sunshine with little teeny Devily Horns.  You know that is a good thing…

I loved your responses my Friend and look forward to learning more about my most mysterious Bloggsters!

Mel,  I hope you’ll forgive me for essentially using your wonderful words to accept and pass along this award :

Do you have people who you enjoy the exchange of reading each other’s blogs every day? I do and I learn a lot about who they are and I like that. I also like the people who are reading my blogs and getting to know me as a real person. So, I am going to present the nomination of this award to 7 of my blogger friends whom I think are very interesting people and I would love to know more about them.

The Rules and Regulations for Acceptance of “Tell Me About Yourself” Award:

1.  You will need to Thank the person that nominated you first (me) and link the blog to that person before you start.

2. Tell the world 7 things we might find interesting about you.

3. Then you add your 7 nominees.

7  debatably interesting things about me

1.  I did not have a name for over a month when I was first born. I was Baby Winkel.

2.  I was one of the first women community organizers for a large, left wing organization. I had to fight, claw and scratch my way into the position. The left can be just as sexist as the right I have found. It is still harder for a woman to become an organizer in a large organization. That is just WRONG.

3.  I have a new right hip. After decades of running very fast and very far I was down to bone on bone. I have had to give up running. Giving up running has been as hard as giving up a drug addiction. Think I can 12 step this? Can I 12 step it fast and far?   (Man! Once an addict; always an addict!)

4. I would cut off two fingers off my left hand to be able to run again.  (again…once an addict…)

5. I wear a bunch of silver jewelry that is not just ornamental. My rings and pendants are more talismanic than anything. I do not over load myself,  but choose my pieces carefully each day. My son wishes I would STOP wearing my black leather bikers bracelet with a huge silver peace symbol on it. Too bad. I am here to irritate him just a bit. (I also wear a cloth bracelet of pink and black on my right wrist. Mel has one too.)

6. I  am a little nutty about my garden and my house plants. If they are droopy or not doing well, I worry. I have a plant I have had for close to 20 years. The Plant Doc told me it was terminal. I could not accept that. I now have 2 smaller plants that are that 20 year old plant! It was NOT terminal!   Daddy always said  Never, Never Give Up. I didn’t. I also have an aloe vera plant from the old family farm of my husbands that could be 30 years old. Not kidding.

7.  I want to be of use to the world. I am raising my son now and am very lucky to be a stay at home Mom. I have 4 more years before he leaves for college  *SIGH*   I am in the process of figuring out what the heck to do after he leaves. Catholic priest is at the top of the list. Obviously, I need a back up plan… I am taking suggestions. Any ideas?

Lawyer and tight rope walker are out. (Tight Rope Walker is out only because I can not risk another head injury: ever. Lawyer is out because, as I said, I want to be of use. I have grown a bit cynical about lawyers over the last 7 years…)

I am DYING to know more about the following bloggers!

Some of you are new to me; a few are poets and some are just….



Captain Savage’s Blog

Louise Behiel

The Borg Poet

Words From My Soul

Thoughts to Mull

Caddo Veil

(Al and Mrs. D.   I SO want to put you here… answer if you want to OK?)

Peace,  Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on April 3, 2012.

14 Responses to “Tell Me About Yourself, Would You Please?”

  1. Sweetie, I’m delighted to be in cluded. I’m going to have to think about 7 things but I will. stay tuned. LOL


  2. Congratulations, Jen–awards are pretty fun!! I wouldn’t give up entirely on the lawyer option–there are some absolute jewels out there who have pit bull dedication to truly worthy causes. The “Innocence Project” comes to mind–plus there are tons of people in a jam (not of their own making) who badly need someone with weight on their side. “Being of use”–I can’t believe you used the exact phrase I’d been thinking of lately (and not for the first time); it is a most worthy desire/goal. I suspect folks like you and I are definitely “being of use”–possibly our influence is of a smaller, less flamboyant scope than we might have imagined in the past. But you never know what tomorrow has in store…

    Thank you for thinking of me for this award–I’d like to accept, however I may not get to it in a “timely” manner (don’t you just hate that word–sheesh!)–so I’m requesting your grace, mercy, patience–please.

    God bless you abundantly~~Caddo


  3. congrats and very entertaining…i can’t keep plants alive ha!


  4. Hi mystery woman! You are a beacon of Awards. I guess i’m the only one with the horns … you are a pure soul who will always do good. The Imp lives large in me … yet i hope that IMP gives me an idea of how to be good like you! XO mel



  5. Jen,

    Thanks for this and your continued interest in what the heck makes a Savage Man tick… I just noticed this post and congrats on you being nominated in the first place, and thanks for thinking of me and passing this on. I will have to take some time as I just finished my Karmic Challenge post and it’s late now so I’m off to bed.

    (7 things more about me, just how far into my barrel should I dip this time?)


  6. Reblogged this on Captsavage's Blog and commented:
    Thanks for the nomination and as I said on your blog congratulations on your recieving this award. I will respond shortly when I have more time, but I’m worried that my barrel of truths is getting to my 7 deadly sins level… So careful thought is needed before responding.

    Capt. Savage
    (Finger on the trigger guard waiting for the target)


  7. Do you mean me??!!


    • Mrs. D!

      Yes Ma’am I certainly do! I know how tricky a dual identity can be….

      I am HOPING You will say YES!!!

      XO Jen

      Al too but we know he isn’t too keen on this stuff….


  8. Contratulations!


  9. Thank you very much!

    I think it is fair game to take this and run with it!

    Please: tell me about you!


    If you do, please let me know OK?

    Peace, Jen


  10. Thank you Jen, working on the post. Congratulations! 🙂 I hope my answers take away the mystery.


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