Say it Now * Jennifer Winkel

I learned something this week.

I can feel it growing inside my heart.

I do not know the full extent of what this will become;

But it is here



I am posting a poem I wrote late last night;


Very early this morning;

it was so late, it was actually early.

Sometimes it happens that way.

Peace, Jen


“Time granted does not necessarily coincide with time that can be most fully used.”
– Tillie Olsen

“Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.
– Aldous Huxley


Say it Now

Jennifer Winkel

Take nothing for granted.

Tell them you love them;

Tell them now.


I am sorry;

And then

Make it right.

Move forward

But look back at what it is you are leaving behind.

Take nothing for grated

Not the time on your hands

Nor the time you have wasted.

Pay attention and make note:

The children in a park running

The mothers lifting bags.

The man in the backhoe.

Pay attention.

Be aware of the women

Hold them;


Take not one thing;


For granted.

I love you.





Say it now.

~ by Step On a Crack on April 10, 2012.

22 Responses to “Say it Now * Jennifer Winkel”

  1. Awesome, Jen!


  2. Simply Brilliant!


  3. I love you! Now and always!

    “Take not one thing;


    For granted.”

    Beautiful, true.


    • Mel

      OK I am REALLY tired but this just popped in my head

      “I love you” tattoos! Thing is I do not love everyone. Well, in one sense I do; but in another I do not

      YOU I love all the time and always will!

      XO Jen


  4. Jen– I couldn’t agree with you more. Say it now. I love you!


  5. Jen, Henry’s grandparents wanted no kind of funeral or memorial service. His grandfather said if they didn’t say it when I was alive it doesn’t matter when I’m gone. YES! Say it NOW! and you say it so well 😀


    • Debby, Wow! That is some wild wisdom. It is true. How many funerals (I don’t want to count them; so many, too many) have I cried my way through thinking “I never said…” or “I wish I hadn’t said…”

      Thank you for being here my Friend!

      Peace and Love to you,



  6. I love you, Jennifer Winkel.
    Loved the poem, too.
    So true.


  7. I agree. Nothing for granted.


  8. Amen, my friend!
    I’ve lost too many years to take a day forgranted (working on the moments).
    I’ll add my alto to the chorus: I’m standing up, singing it out loud from TX to CO: I love you and deeply value our friendship today and from now on!


    • Debbie, You said it. Life is long. Well, maybe not. We have no idea what fate holds in store. This last month has brought that home with a ribbon on top. Gifts. Weird. Gifts in everything.

      You. My Friend. Yes, forever.

      Love, Jen


  9. lovely


  10. thank you for the reminder 🙂


  11. Go Jen! What a great sentiment beautifully expressed.


    • Al! Thank you so very much! It is HARD to put my poetry out there. Prose: easy for some reason. Poetry… not so much. I am THINKING of slamming some at the Mercury Cafe soon in hopes of landing at Cafe Nuba.

      you only live once right? (oh who knows. But what if I am not a Poet next time around…?)

      Peace, Jen


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