Caddo Veil * “Stutter Stepping” and “Frozen Tundra”


We are everywhere.

We are writing in many forms.

Caddo Veil is a Poet I am blessed to have ‘met’ online.

Her Blog Caddo Veil * “Barefoot Heart Poetry  is worth a visit: stop by once, and you will be hooked.

Caddo comes from the Heart. She writes with Love and Humor.

Her Faith is Fortress and Field. She is in Love with God. I am deeply inspired by her Faith.

There are many forms of Poetry. Every Poet has their favorite.

Caddo writes many forms and my favorite of hers are her Tankas. A Tanka consists of 5 lines. Each line consists of a specified number of “on”. (The closest English equivilant is syllables).

The lines should be as follows:

First line: 5 on
Second line: 7 on
Third line: 5 on
Fourth line: 7 on
Fifth line: 7 on

These poems are similar to haikus.

I find writing Haiku or Tankas to be very difficult. I admire the Poets who have mastered this form.

Caddo has done that in my opinion. Her Tankas are moving and complete. Her Tankas are tight. Writing like this is hard to do and takes discipline; and Heart.

Caddo, thank you for letting me post the following Tankas.

These are Beautiful. So is Caddo.

Peace,   Jen

(Caddo is also VERY funny! Check out this post: Limo in the Parking Lot * A Totally True Caddo Tale)



Caddo Veil

Tanka – “Frozen Tundra”


She kept cool distance–

Heart like the frozen tundra

And fenced, just in case.

As though we weren’t blood at all–

She orphaned me till she died.


(Copyright Caddo Veil, 2012)


Caddo Veil

Tanka – “Stutter-Stepping”

Sometimes, the wind chimes

Play memory-songs of your

Blue-steel eyes on me.

I’m without rhythm, lyrics–

Dancing mute, stutter-stepping.


(Copyright Caddo Veil, 2012)

~ by Step On a Crack on April 15, 2012.

18 Responses to “Caddo Veil * “Stutter Stepping” and “Frozen Tundra””

  1. Caddo is amazing. I need to learn some formality, indeed 🙂 XO m


    • Mel! No you do not. It IS fun to play with the traditional forms of poetry though. I am partial to limericks:

      There was a strong Chick from Chicago
      who wrote like there was no tomorrow,
      She wrote and she wrote
      till her pencil just broke
      then she raised up her fist and yelled

      well just off the top of my head. Most of my limericks are, well, nasty.

      That is the only kind of limerick for me!

      XOXO Jen


      • I know why i love you!!! You litte devil/angel! 😉 AWESOME LIMERICK. Someone said i reminded them of Dr. Seuss. There are no conincidences. Did Dr. Seuss swear like a truck driver i wonder?


      • OF course he did! well, I am guessing anyway….

        XOXO Jen


  2. Jen–it seems so odd for me to click “like” here, rather immodest, but maybe you can use if for your stats. Truly, my eyes are full of tears at your generous words about me–I hardly know how to respond. But if this is evidence that I’m fulfilling God’s destiny for me, then my heart is well-satisfied indeed. You are so right that I’m in love with God–He holds me in His hand, and allows me opportunity to do what I thoroughly enjoy. It just doesn’t get better than that, my friend–and I’m thrilled to have met you, as well. Here’s to many years of sharing “all this” here, okay? Amen!! Love you–may God bless your week abundantly.


    • Dear Caddo,

      Every word is true. You are an amazing writer and your faith is indeed inspiring!
      I am looking forward to all of your words for a long, long time to come my Friend!

      Peace, Jen

      When I need a chuckle I read the limo piece.


  3. I love tankas!!! I’m going to check out this blog right noWW
    Andrea XOXO


    • Hello there YOU!

      YES! You and Caddo have a lot in common in your writing. You will love her blog!

      It is SO good to see you again…I am heading over to see what you are up to my Friend…

      Peace and XO Jen


  4. Oops…my “now” was a little wacky, grammar error lol 😦


  5. Jen, I can’t resist adding another note, as I’ve moved from being weepy over what you said, to laughing yet again at the seeming popularity of the limo story. Here’s my new plan which involves you–when I get to Heaven, if God asks me, “were you funny? did you make anybody laugh?” I’m going to reply (with utmost respect, mind you), “ask Jen to tell you the limo story”. It’s so interesting to me–the ripple effect in life–that I’ve touched you, is remarkable and so wonderful; but that you have been so responsive (not everyone is), doubles or triples the effect in my life. So, you can read the limo story when you need a laugh–when I need a reminder that I’m not a “cypher” (because we all have days of self-doubt), I’ll read your post about Caddo–woman of great real faith, good poet, and Funny. Thank you, thank you again, Jen! God bless you to overflowing abundance.


    • Dear Caddo,

      I will vouch for you in the “YES! She made me laugh and brought a smile to my face” department!

      Also “YES! Caddo showed me Faith in action and tremendous kindness”

      Caddo, you are so far from being a cypher. I think of you often: when I am feeling down, when I come across a certain kind of poem, and, of course, every time I see a limo.

      You are an amazing Poet; not a good Poet. I hope that you will think of that when you have a cypher moment. You should NEVER have a cypher moment. You have touched my life Caddo. You inspire me to be a better Poet and more importantly, a better Woman.

      Love and Blessings to you my Friend,



      • Oh Jen, you can get me weepy faster than almost anyone here in our community. Reading your words today was such a blessing, as I’d had a bit of a “cypher” week–I’m praying it’s over, as I simply don’t have patience/time for such nonsense! (you know me!)

        I don’t do this a whole lot, Jen, but I feel moved to make sure that you have my email address–in case you need something I just might have extra of, some days: love to you, gracious, generous friend!


      • Dear Dear Caddo,

        oh my. I just do NOT see how YOU could possibly have a cypher moment. You loom so large in my heart; both your writing and your faith moves me. Please know that when you are feeling cypher-ish that we are here and you are NOT a cypher to us. Especially not to me.

        I am touched by the gift of the email my friend…. I will send my personal email to you there.

        Love to you, SO MUCH LOVE!



  6. I thought you two would love each other (well, you 3, Mel, too of course)! 3 wonderful creative minds! 😀
    I feel like a troglodyte, in contrast! 😉


  7. I am now laughing at “cypher-ish”–I’m definitely going to be using that one!!! Takes the fearful sting out of those c-days! Oh, the riches here among my blogger family!!! God bless you, Jen. love, “no-longer-feeling-cypher-ish” Caddo


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