Found Poetry * “In America”


I look at the ground while I walk.

This started when I was young; I did not want to Step On any Cracks.

No I did not.

It was the beginning of my OCD tendencies.

One of the gifts of watching the ground is that you find stuff:

pennies, old playing cards, weird trash



I have found grocery lists that read the life of a stranger:

“Tripe onion lard;

hand soap.”

Someone is making Menudo.

I  found notes from one classmate to another:

“I never said I ‘liked him’ liked him! You told him and

you will pay.  I am not your

friend anymore.

Stupid Whore.”

Now I look for poetry everywhere I go.

I found this reading a magazine at the YMCA last week:


It is an Ad for a non-profit. In my haste and joy

I ripped it out without the source.

here is what this Poem says:


In America, you are not required

to offer food to the hungry

Or shelter to the homeless.

There is no ordinance forcing

you to visit the lonely, or comfort

the infirm. Nowhere in the

Constitution does it say you have

to provide clothing for the poor.

In fact, one of the nicest things

about living here in America

is that you really don’t have

to anything for anybody.


There it is.

A found Poem

Some harsh truth

and some food for thought.

In America   I would call this Poem

I would call this a call to action.

“we do not need to do anything for anybody”

I beg to differ.

Peace, from your friend, always watching the ground,


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~ by Step On a Crack on April 21, 2012.

9 Responses to “Found Poetry * “In America””

  1. i don’t think I have ever found anything so interesting on the ground.


  2. No, we don’t HAVE to do for another but it sure is nice to choose to do it. I know that’s your choice Jen, That’s why you blog. Your eyes see the good. I so like that! xo


    • I wonder… I think there are universal truths and what if WE DO need to DO for others? I mean maybe it is one of the things that keeps this whole world spinning. I guess there is law (lower case) and then there is LAW as in natural Law or Gods Law.

      I am grateful to know you; you LIVE this Law every single day and show the likes of me what is possible. We can REALLY DO for others. We can and YOU do.

      XO Jen


  3. certainly a call to action!


  4. I love this!! I’m a big believer of “we already have everything we need” and that includes art and poetry from unlikely places. So of course a creative and intuitive soul like yourself would always be on the look out for such wonders that many simply walk by! Great post, neighbor. Love ya!


  5. We should, but no, we don’t have to.
    Not in America.
    Not in our churches and synagoges and mosques.
    We should but we don’t have to.
    But there are many, like you, who do.
    And it matters.
    This makes me think of Tennesee Willlams and the line he gave Blanche DuBois:
    “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”
    For some, it’s the only kindness that touches them in a day.
    You, who are always watching the ground, are also always looking into hearts.
    Thank you, Jen.


  6. I definitely have to go with you and Debbie on this one, Jen–WOW, that poem got me hard in the heart, a barb-wire truth (yes I’m going to put that in an upcoming poem, I think). It always astounds me that this is the wealthiest country in the world–and we have the hungry and homeless and forgotten in abundance–it makes me weep. And I love the Blanche DuBois line–it’s come to be melodramatic, however it is pure truth, all the same. God bless y’all.


  7. Thank you for the reminder of found truths. Your eyes are open and I am squinting. Thank you for telling us what is on your mind these days!


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