“Soul Sight” * By Maiya of Words From My Soul



Weapons and Change.

There are many Poets who use their craft to change the world.

Maiya of Words From My Soul is just such a Poet.

Her writing is Moving and Real and Important.

Her writing is tight and she is gifted.

I could post a Poem a day by Maiya;

Thank the Gods she does this herself.

Maiya writes:

” I write to rage, to rant, to rave. I write to mourn, to wallow in self-pity.

I write to question, but most of all I write to mend my brokenness.”

Her writing has helped me to mend my own brokenness.

Add Healing to the Powers of the Poet.

Please visit her blog.

Read not just her Poetry but about the struggle of women in Papua New Guinea.

The world is a large and we are many.

words make us One.

Thank you Maiya for bringing us closer to one another.

Thank you for your words.

Peace,  Jen


Soul Sight

By Maiya

Deep in the bog,

I did sleep,

covered with that,

that would make,

lesser men weep,

out I reached,

for that,

I could not see,

but my soul,


could and would be,

so I clawed,

dug and crawled,

still covered,

but free,

now I stagger,

mucky trail,

behind me,


I will walk,

In the distance,

I glimpse,

what once,

only my soul,

could see.


This is taken from Maiya’s  About Me page.

 I write to rage, to rant, to rave. I write to mourn, to wallow in self-pity. I write to question, but most of all I write to mend my brokenness.

  “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”   Mary Anne Radmacher

Where ever you are, whatever your circumstances. Never give up trying.

Below is part of an Amnesty International report on Papua New Guinea.”

Two decades ago, Papua New Guinea (PNG) led the way in

the Pacific region in identifying and documenting violence against

women. The statistics below reflect the research conducted at

the time. While this information may now seem dated, more

recent interviews conducted by Amnesty International as part

of a research trip revealed that rates of violence are unlikely

to have decreased and some women’s organisations fear they

may have risen.

• 67% of wives had been beaten by their husbands (national average). (PNG Law Reform Commission 1992)

 • Close to 100% of wives in the Highlands experienced violence by their husbands, but half that for Oro and New Ireland provinces. (PNG Law Reform Commission 1992)

• In urban areas, one of every six women interviewed needed treatment for injuries caused by their husbands. (PNG Law Reform Commission 1992)

• 55% of women had been forced into sex against their will. (PNG Institute of Medical Research 1994)

• 60% of men interviewed reported having participated in lainap (gang rape) at least once. (PNG Institute of Medical Research 1994)

The statistics and stories may be shocking. However, this only paints part of the picture.

The patriarchal culture in PNG, as elsewhere, means that violence against women is a key way to maintain women’s inequality.

Violence against women is connected to such customs which maintains women’s lower status – as polygamy and bride price. It strengthen men’s belief that they ‘own’ their wives.

Women also face many different types of violence – violence by their husbands and family, rape and gang rape, sexual violence by police, ‘pay back’ violence against women as part

of tribal fighting and ‘sorcery’-related killings.

Yet, instead of offering tangible solutions to violence against women, the PNG Government continues to do little, dwelling on difficulties and a lack of resources. It means little haschanged for women since the first research into the issue was conducted 20 years ago.

~ by Step On a Crack on April 21, 2012.

3 Responses to ““Soul Sight” * By Maiya of Words From My Soul”

  1. Excellent, Jen–and it’s so true that writing can be a great instrument of healing, for self and others. I never realized poets were so significant until you started pointing it out–where the heck have I been?? (That’s a rhetorical question!) Much love, Caddo


  2. there just aren’t words for that, 😦


  3. Hi Jen–what happened to the post “The Flash Reverses Time”? I got the email notice, but when I clicked it says there’s an error finding the page… I wanted to say that your phrasing of the past being a heavy, scratchy overcoat is SO Perfect!! (So I was able to read it in the email, but not here on the blog…) Hope it’s just a tech problem, and nothing more serious–you can let me know if it’s the latter. love, Caddo


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