For Mel *** “…The Pen be Our Salvation”

Friendship takes committment and work

and Heart.

Poetry takes commitment and work

and Heart.

I love both;

Friendship and Poetry.

I love you Mel.



A great Poem about Poetry


An Act of  Poetry

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2010

Ruin is what we need –
Despair is what we feed
Upon in poetry

A shock resets the nerves –
Helps remould the curves
Of written art

Catharsis helps portray –
Acting out a play
On expurgation

Tears or hidden fears
Release the bottled years
To ink a page:

The pen be our salvation.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2010

~ by Step On a Crack on April 25, 2012.

6 Responses to “For Mel *** “…The Pen be Our Salvation””

  1. I love this and I love you! Poetry and friendship… Friendship is the best poetry. XO Mel Thank you for this and so much more …


  2. Reblogged this on iamnotshe and commented:
    I am honored to reblog a post from my Dear Friend Jen, my DFJ … and if you’re cool, and you KNOW what I’m talking about … you’ll find YOUR DFJ and blow-off the BFF bullshit with one Dear Friend (like) My Dear Friend Jen.

    Jen, I like the feetie tats … but can we go barefoot 365? In Denver, anything’s possible. In Chicago frostbite is inevitable.

    Seriously, please read Jen’s kind words about friendship and poetry that have soothed my savage breast. Jen sent me a card for my birthday (among about 10 others) that read “I’m so glad I have you to GO TO HELL WITH … Here’s to us Good Friend”. Truer words were never written by a © Calypso cards and Gift Products Author ;-); and never has there been a truer journey for my DFJ and Me.

    Jen is one of my “People”: One who gets me and still loves me. Jen and I have sailed the same oceans and fought the same battles together and apart and we’re still riding the waves in a better boat (vs. the white VW Beetle with the rusted floorboard).

    Props to the words from Jen’s poet selection: The words and poetry of © Mark R Slaughter 2010.

    TRUST is KEY …


  3. This is great, Jen. Pretty much everything in life takes “work”–the trick is finding the work you love to do, and the friends you’re “sold out for” to do it with. Mr Slaughter’s poem is powerful, also. God bless you today.


  4. Good reply on Mel’s “Good Intentions of a Right Mind”…


    • Mira, Thank you very much for saying so… It is an odd thing to have an intimate discussion of what our friendship means to me in blogLand. It seemed the right thing to do. It seems that OUR Blog community is tight and that honesty is the name of the game.

      I appreciate you saying this very much!

      XOXO Jen

      BTW I LOVE the hat in your photo; I love YOU in the photo!!!


  5. The moment I read this, I knew it would make Mel’s heart dance, which set my heart dancing, too! 😀
    You, dear Jen, are so good at doing what we (I) often fail to do – you let people know they matter, that you love them, that their journey is your journey. I love that about you – I think you’re perfectly swell!


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