My Son Turning Pages of a Book * THAT is Poetry

On the wall of the restroom at school today * Coincidence or Gift?

This Quote was on the wall of the restroom at my sons new school today.

Coincidence or Gift?

I vote: Gift


I love Poem in Your Pocket Day.

It rarely turns out as I imagine it.

Today is a perfect example.

My son does not have school today.

I imagined he and I wandering the neighborhood

leaving  Poetry hither and yon all day.

I was ready to roust my son and found him in the backyard

laying on the picnic table with his nose deep in a book.

The sun was shining on his lanky limbs and the cat curled in his arms.

It was perfect.

I left him be.

I watched him through the window as he pet the cat and turned the pages of his book.

I realized:

THIS is Poetry.


Hours later we needed to show up at the school he will be attending next year;

High School. There I said it.

On the way to school we stopped for tea.

I gave the barista a poem and began my spiel:

“April is National Poetry Month, Today is Poem in your Pocket day…”

The young man jumped in,

“Yes! It is National Poetry Month!”

No one has ever come back with this. I was ecstatic!


He went on,

“I am  really a musician and I play back up for a Slam group in town;

Slam Nuba. You ever heard of them?”


Slam Nuba, National Poetry Slam champions

Of COURSE I know them.

***See this post to see Slam Nuba in Action: We All Need Poetry ***

So, there I was, in the suburbs, which is WAY outside  my comfort zone,

discussing the upcoming Slam at Cafe Nuba on November 30th.

Wow. There it is:

More  Poetry:

Life and Connection = Poetry


I handed out Poems while at my sons High School.

I gave them to the Latin teacher,

the Priest who teaches Theology and the Philosophy of Faith.

I handed the Poems to the Dean and to a Math instructor.

Poem in Your Pocket Day hasn’t gone as I planned.

It was far better than I planned.

Best of all:

The day is not over yet!

Peace and Poetry,  Jen


I am handing out the following Poems this year;

One, a Tanka, written  by our very own Caddo of Caddo Veil


Like a talisman
The poem in my pocket
Offers a blessing
To all those I encounter–
Ones who need a slip of hope.

(Copyright Caddo Veil, 2012)

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”    Desmond Tutu



from  The Indications

By Walt Whitman

Taken from The Leaves of Grass

The words of the true poems give you more than poems,

They give you to form for yourself, poems, religions, politics, war, peace, behavior, histories, essays, romances, and everything else,

They balance ranks, colors, races, creeds, and the sexes,

They do not seek beauty—they are sought,

Forever touching them, or close upon them, follows beauty, longing, fain, love-sick.

They prepare for death—yet are they not the finish, but rather the outset,

They bring none to his or her terminus, or to be content and full;

Whom they take, they take into space, to behold the birth of stars, to learn one of the meanings,


To launch off with absolute faith—to sweep through the ceaseless rings, and never be quiet again.

~ by Step On a Crack on April 26, 2012.

8 Responses to “My Son Turning Pages of a Book * THAT is Poetry”

  1. Yay for your son! Yay for our friend Caddo!
    And YAY for you!
    Who but you would wander around handing out poetry (and cybering out poetry)! You’re something!
    Thank you!
    I love For Each of You!
    love, peace and poetry!


    • Dear Debbie,

      Thank you my Friend! I LOVE the way Caddo writes. HOW she is able to do this is a wonder to me…

      Poetry may not be cream filled donuts (wow! those sound Delicious!) but it feeds in a different way.

      LOVE to you too!!!



  2. How wonderful Jen. I am so happy for your son and you 🙂 Eric


  3. I love the little villiage that is blogging! Good to be here and I’m glad you had such a good day. It encourages my heart.


    • Dear Heidi,

      It is AMAZING here! I never in my wildest dreams expected this wonderful stuff: connection, friendship, mentorship (thank you!) Love….

      Who Knew!

      Love to you, Jen


  4. Oh Jen, I love hearing about the “poetry” that is your son!! And honestly, I wish you could have seen my reaction when I read my poem and your words here–my hand jumped to my mouth as if to stifle a cry, and my eyes welled up. It was as if I’d just heard my name announced at the Oscars–you have no idea the immensity of the gift you’ve given me, my dear. Dreams come true in the strangest ways (strangest, meaning wondrous!)–thank you, Jen God bless you with His overflowing love today–and from me too!! sis Caddo


    • Dear Caddo!

      I can see you in my minds eye: That makes me SO happy!

      Caddo, what you give everyday is a Gift beyond measure. I do NOT know how you do it. You are a Marvel.

      Blessings, Jen


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