Reader Appreciation Award! * Thank you Steph!


Reader Appreciation Award

Rules to this award:

1. Link the Award image back to the one who presented it to you.

2. List six nominations.

Steph blogging as Certainly Not Lost Down Under has nominated me for this exceptional award. Thank you very much Steph. I am very inspired by your love of Poetry and music and your commitment to sharing  Beauty with us.

Finding six nominees is making choices; I have been continuously amazed by the support here in BlogLand. I am eternally grateful to everyone who has ever graced this space with a visit and/or a comment.

I have found Tribe; that is no small feat. I would like to say a very special thank you to the following Friends for helping me get through some Dark Nights of the Soul and keep me on the Writing Path.  I do not know if Step On A Crack would still be around without your steadfast support and Wise Guidance.

Thank you to ALL of you who visit this blog. It means the world to me.

Please stop by and visit these very special blogs.

What a blessing this experience has been.


Peace,  Jen

I Am Not She

Two Minutes of Grace

Living in Graceland

Good Life No Alcohol

Words From My Soul

Al K. Hall

~ by Step On a Crack on April 29, 2012.

15 Responses to “Reader Appreciation Award! * Thank you Steph!”

  1. CongratULATIONS!


  2. Thank you sister! I took the day off from I N T E R N E T …. just wanted to make sure you KNOW I love you and appreciate you!!! XO mel


  3. Standing ovation, raucous applause–congrats, Jen!!!


  4. Jen –
    I’m honored.
    Thank you for sharing this award with me.
    Mostly, though, thank you for sharing yourself with me.

    I’m an accidental blogger.
    I never expected more than a handful of people who already knew me to read what I write.
    I certainly never expected to read someone’s blog and grow to care so much about their story that they would become a part of my life forever.
    You’ve done that.
    Thank you for including me in your Tribe, my forever friend,


    • Dear Debbie,

      I am SO glad you became an ‘accidental blogger’! I can not imagine that our paths would not have passed at some point whether here or there. I am deeply grateful for your presence in my life.

      I did not have ANY idea that connection as deep as ours could happen in a weird cyber world; and it has. THAT is the primary blessing of my blogging experience.

      YOU are the blessing.

      Love to you, my Tribes Woman.



  5. Jen– You are a constant topic around here. We are watching the horizon for news from you every day and pray for your continued story as you hold us captive by chapter and verse. Thank you for the public link and more importantly for the genuine sharing that you accomplish here. I always wanted to be adopted into a Tribe!


    • Dear Heidi,

      I do not go a half a day without thinking of you and Debbie. What you have given me, my heart, is a blessing as deep as the ocean. I have been strengthened by your writing. Your blog speaks to me. YOU speak to me. I really did not think I would find Love Mentors here; silly me: I thought I was just going to tell a story. I did not know that God had other plans: YOU entering my life and helping through some of the hardest places. You are an angel. I am not kidding. You are a Tribe Elder and you are an angel.

      Love to you my Friend!



      • Jen– I know. How surprised I’ve been to find heart friends online! I will try not to let you down, but I will. When I do, just remember He won’t!


      • Heidi, you won’t. and if you do I will trust my Faith to right things. YOU teach me that.

        XO Jen


  6. Congratulations Jen.
    Your posts are inspirational and this award highlights your contributions to the blogging community. Peace, Eric 🙂


    • Dear Eric,

      As always, it is a joy to have you here! You know, when I began writing here I thought I was just telling a story. I had not a clue that there IS a real community here. That is a constant blessing.

      Learning from writers such as yourself is yet another blessing. Reading so many of the writers here helps me step up my game. Thank you for helping me push my own limits.

      Peace, Jen


  7. Congratulations Dear Jen (I’ve been away for a few days hence the delay). I anyone deserves this award, it’s you. I love reading your posts though I do not always have time, but I guess that is a problem we all face, a problem that most likely will be aggravated once the fine weather starts. It is a constant choice between reading or writing posts, replying to comments or writing them on someone else’s post. So I’d better be off to the next post.
    Have a nice day. Love, Steph xxx


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