“Line the White” * The Borg Poet

I could not agree more:

The Power is in the Poetry.

The Borg Poet is right.

The Borg Poet The Power is in the Poetry

I was waylaid yesterday, the last day of National Poetry Month.

I will use my Poetic License

and pretend that TODAY is the last day.

Look out: here comes The Revolution!

Poetry coming at ya!

Peace, Power and Poetry,



Line the White

The Borg Poet

You’re in the driver seat
Yonge street and the music beat
big record is gone
replaced by modern hip
frosty frogen fruze

downplayed the pizzeria

line the white

watch the visions grow
children running the streets
mafias time to go
kings and queens
all here

parlay, freaking,tweaking, streaking

kings and kings
queens and queers
cabana rolling down the street
musical steel

~ by Step On a Crack on May 1, 2012.

3 Responses to ““Line the White” * The Borg Poet”

  1. Beat baby, beat! I love it! XO MEL


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