“The Choice” * BY NATE KLUG

It is one of the mysteries of my life:


We often find ourselves equating it with ‘church’ or ‘community’.

I am finding in my  life that Faith is  totally separate from Church.

My Faith is with me always.

My Faith is a thing of its own working in the shadows of my life.

My Faith is like my blood and my heart and the souls of my feet.

My Faith is always with me;

and if I am willing,

I am but a puppet on a string.

My Faith moves my Heart which informs my intuition

When I Listen

to my Intuition

I am walking in Faith.

That has nothing to do with church. 


My Faith is my Heart Shadow.

“I will follow it”

I pray…

Peace,  Jen


The Choice


To stand for once

outside my faith

to steady it

caught and squirming on a stick

up to mind’s

inviting light

and name it!

for all its faults and facets

or keep waiting

to be claimed in it

Source: Poetry (November 2010)

~ by Step On a Crack on May 1, 2012.

14 Responses to ““The Choice” * BY NATE KLUG”

  1. Very nice post …!!!


  2. “My faith is my heart shadow”–Wow, Jen, I couldn’t have put it better or more beautifully myself!! I wonder if I might borrow it–with full credit to you–down the road, for a poem? Truly this is the gold within our writing community: a word or phrase, which passes like a spark from one artist to another, to fuel the Eternal Poet’s flame. But I will completely respect your privilege to say “no”–not a problem at all. God bless you today. love, Caddo


    • My Friend!

      Oh you! I thought it was a gift in the phrase and I missed the Poem Bone (that is what I call the little bits and pieces that I make note of in a tiny notebook in my purse…phrases that pop up but are not yet full grown poems… yet…) YES! I would be honored if you were to use it in a Poem. The Eternal Poets Flame! Lovely!!!

      Blessings to you also my Friend,



  3. I echo Caddo’s comments, Jen. Truly beautiful!! and my sentiments entirely 🙂 That really is a beautiful phrase. Peace and love to you x


    • Angela! Thank you! I appreciate these kind words coming from fellow poets. They mean the world…

      I will be heading over to your NEW blog soon!

      VERY exciting move!

      Peace, Jen


  4. OK, I think I pick your faith! Ha ha. This is what faith has been for me all along too, right? Why do we have to define it. You have it (it’s an attitude) or you don’t. I never “got it” sitting with people in “sunday clothes” 😉

    Your poem and sentiments A+ lady 😉 XO mel


    • Mel! Yep! the more I think or rather do not think about it FEEL about things the more it comes down to

      dont think. Let my intuition do EVERYTHING. period.

      that is faith to me. My God being all bossy and such.
      Thank god my God is a Bossy Pants! Man! I would still be in a whole mess a trouble otherwise!



      • We talked about Ace and his abilities. I think i lost my inner-knowledge when i started reading about “church” stuff, or traditional religion. I have to remember that I’m OK, and my instincts got us into and OUT of a lot of sh**. We are here, and testimony to faith is an individual “gut feeling” perhaps. For me, yeah. Protects me, and connects me … especially to my soul sista, and that be you. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOX MEL


      • YES! That is EXACTLY it. I knew you would totally get it. All those times….. Man. When you or I would say, “ok gotta go now…” That was really Harper Power and we just didn’t know it.

        Ace had the GUT feeling thing DOWN to a tee. He never wavered; until he did and look what that got him. THAT is a lesson to hold onto. the GUT is always right. My brain: not so much….

        OK Are you driving yet my Friend??? Can’t wait to hear…

        Love Jen


  5. I facebooked a link. Love this so much, Jen. Thank you for talking about your faith. We’re uniquely designed and I don’t think we’re supposed to have cookie cutter faith! Can I toss a bone here to someone? I’m not a poet, but anyone can take any phrase from my stuff and make something to chew on any time! Love that image. gnaw, gnaw…


  6. Reblogged this on PORTAFOLIO. BITACORA DE UN TRANSFUGA. 2000.2010.


  7. Very beautiful… very true!


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